Feb 07

FET Update


So, I went back to the RE yesterday to find out what was going on with the cyst.  I have been on high dose birth control pills to try to get everything back to normal.  When I went in I was hoping to see that the cyst had gone down in size, but it hadn’t.  It was still 34mm in diameter!!!  What now, I was thinking, assuming that the next step would be surgery. 

The nurse proceeded to tell me that even though the cyst was large, I could potentially be able to proceed, if my hormones were back to normal.  I wasn’t really buying it for some reason; I guess I thought if the cyst still looked the same that the hormones would still be high as well.  Imagine how shocked I was when the nurse called to tell me that all was a go, and that my estrogen levels were down to 30!  (they were over 300 at the last visit)  So now I have to start a real period (shed my lining) and go back in on Friday.  They are convinced that I will be starting my meds on Friday now that my estrogen is back to normal. 

At first the nurse suggested that I just start the pills and patches on Friday and not worry about coming back in!  The idea of not knowing if the lining had shed itself was really scary to me, so she said I could come in if I wanted to.  So I will be praying that the lining looks normal on Friday, if so, I will get to transfer in February after all!!!  It all seems a little surreal.  I fully expected the cyst to put us back atleast a few months.  Thanks for everyone’s thoughts!  I have been suprised at how patient I have felt.  Things seem so much different once you have had the first one.  Will be praying for everyone still trying for number one!!!

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