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Becoming a Mom… After Infertility


Becoming a mom after infertility is so much different than becoming a mom the “normal” way! I think the one good thing about having to endure the ups and downs of infertility is that you appreciate being a mom so much more. I am not at all saying that parents who have children the good old fashion way don’t love their kids. Just that us infertile couples realize what a miracle and blessing that parenthood really is. Sometimes this realization can be hard. For example, you are feeling a little lazy and not quite like being supermom, but in the back of your mind you are thinking… “God finally gave me this child, I HAVE to be supermom!”

Growing up I did not think about being a mom that much. I have heard some women say “all I ever wanted was to be a mom”. I can’t honestly say I thought like that growing up. All I really wanted was to be happy in life. I always assumed that would mean having a family, but did not think about how important having a family was to me. It was not until we started trying and it was not happening, that I started to realize how much I wanted to start a family with my hubby. But I still felt like it would happen when the time was right. After a year of trying naturally and not even one late period, we decided to see a doctor. Within a couple months we were committed to doing our first IVF cycle. I thought IVF was a “cure all” and that nine months later we would be holding a baby (maybe even two :)). It wasn’t until after two, maybe even three, IVF cycles that I began to realize that there was a chance we would not ever have a family. This is when I realized just how important being a mom was to me. I had always just taken it for granted that I would be a mom, no question. Even though I began to have doubts, I always felt like if we just kept trying it would have to happen eventually. And it did.

Looking back I know all the heartache was worth it, but that is really hard to see when you are in the middle of it. IVF and infertility has really taught me a lot about life. That things don’t always go as planned, that it will be your time eventually, how to have patients, how important our support systems are when you are going through a trying time of your life, and much much more. Being a mom after infertility is such a blessing and I am a better mom because of it. If I could go back and get pregnant naturally, I would not do it. (I may speed up the process a little though!:)) If you are still waiting for your time to come, please know that it will. And when it does your will appreciate your little miracle sooo much. Good luck to everyone still on their infertility journey!! I hope you will be telling your IVF Success Story soon!!!!! If you would like to learn ways to improve your chances of IVF success, please visit the IVF Success Program.

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  1. Adi

    Yes I belong to San Fernando valelys mothers of multiples. The national organization is NOMOTC national organization of mothers of twins club. They do have sales and often have club members who would donate. Your friend can join provisionally while pregnant and then permanently join once they are born. Those ladies would probably be a great place for her to find advice. The triple and quad strollers are pricey we got ours used for 500. Its retail was 1200 (Just plain craziness if you ask me). They might be able to find people with car seats, cribs and high chairs in those groups. I know we had a lot of hand me downs. When you have to have three of everything it just gets crazy. People used to laugh when they came to my house. We had three high chairs lined up in the wall, Three cribs in the nursery, now three potty chairs in the bathroom it just gets crazy. I would recommend a group like that not just for finding stuff but for emotional support. No one can Relate unless they have been there. I can tell you, I live my three boys (and my new little girl). Bit man they kicked my butt that first year. Having another mom of multiples to just say its ok to be overwhelmed, because some day you will look back and it will not seem so bad.

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