Jan 02

Happy New Year


I have been missing in action for a little bit because of the Holidays, but I am eager to get back writing again.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s.  I know the holidays can be tough when you still don’t have that baby in your arms, but it is a new year!!  I hope 2012 is the year for many, many infertile couples to become families!

Our Christmas was great; we got to spend a lot of time with family.  But I think we need about two weeks off to re-coup from the two weeks off!!!!  We were only home for a total of about 2 and 1/2 days of the two weeks, and those were spent frantically getting ready for having Christmas day at our house.  Did I mention one of those days was spent waiting in line to have a pic taken with Santa???  Yes, it took ALL day :).  We were in line for 3 and 1/2 hours while santa decided to go on a lunch break!  But I am not complaining; I know we are soooo blessed to have our little miracle boy.  Since we spent sooo long getting this pic, I figured I would share it with y’all.  Too bad after all that time, he did not even smile.

Like many of you, our New Years goal is to have a baby.  We will be transferring two embryos sometime late Janruary, and praying that we are able to give our little boy a sibling.  Having a New Year’s goal should be something you can achieve as long as you put in the work.  That is why I encourage you to not have the goal of having a baby, because this is really out of your hands and is putting pressure on yourself.  Maybe the goal should be to save money toward your IVF procedure or to get healthy for your upcoming cycle.  Getting healthy can help you improve your chances of conceiving through IVF.  These are goals that you are in control of, and that can help toward the end result of having a miracle in your arms.  Wishing everyone a wonderful 2012, and praying that it is the year for many infertile couples to become parents!!  Good luck to everyone still trying.


  1. Caroline

    Hi Brit,

    I’ve just come across your site and have read a bit about your story. Wow – can I relate.

    My husband and I went through years of infertility treatments and were extremely lucky to have a little girl. She is just about to turn two. She is such a delight.

    We too are about to start trying for a sibling for her. I’m doing a stimulated cycle starting in January. If you’d like a cycle buddy and/or some encouragement please drop me an email.

    PS I love the pictures of your son – He is beautiful.

    1. brit16

      Thanks for the reply Caroline! It does sound like we are in a very similar situation. I am actually going to the RE tomorrow for my baseline and will be starting estrogen as long as everything is a go. Congrats on your first little miracle!! When is her B-day??? I would love a cycle buddy. I will be posting here a lot about the cycle, if you would like to drop in and leave comments. You are also more than welcome to email me…brit16@suddenlink.net… if you would like.

      How are you feeling leading into this cycle??? I am feeling very confident, but at the same time I am telling myself….”why am I confident….it took us 6 tries to get our first miracle????”

      I am always looking for success stories to share on my site. Would you be interested in sharing your story about your little girl?? If so….here are the questions I typically ask, but feel free to add anything you would like.

      I hope this Janruary is a lucky one for both of us!!!

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