Dec 20

IVF / Hysteroscopy


I go in tomorrow for my hysteroscopy.  It does not feel like we are really about to be trying again.  But I think tomorrow will make it a lot more “real”.  I have not been “under” in a while, but I have been through so many surgeries at this point it seems like nothing.  I had one other hysteroscopy done, back before my third IVF.  They found a cyst and a little bit of endometriosis that they took out, but nothing major was found.

My hubby is a little skeptical about the intentions of my RE.  Since everything has always been “great” with my uterus, and my insurance covers the hysteroscopy…. he thinks that they just want the money.  I love my RE and I hope that his intentions are good.  Even though the insurance “covers” the procedure, we still have to dish out a pretty penny to have it done.  I guess I will never know the intentions, but I am happy to do everything we can to make this cycle a successful one!  We have four embryos, two chances, to try for a sibling.  Then we will just be happy with one little miracle boy!  I’m praying God decides to bless us a little sooner the second time around :).

If you are having to do a hysteroscopy before your IVF cycle, you have nothing to be nervous about.  It is a really easy procedure, some RE’s even keep you awake, and just use local anesthesia.  For some reason, mine uses general.  If anything is found, like a cyst, it will likely be taken care of while you are already under.  Many RE’s will ask for this procedure to be done, before you ever start your IVF treatments.  Good luck to everyone still trying!  If you would like to learn how you can increase your chances of IVF success, please check out the IVF Success Program.

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Hoping to add another miracle to the family!



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