Nov 30

Trying for a sibling – Praying for IVF Baby Number 2!


We have decided to try for a sibling soon!  It is all very exciting and a bit scary at the same time.  Monday we went for our “consult”, which basically meant sitting in the waiting room for 40 minutes to get to talk to the RE for about 4 minutes!  It was very strange being back in the office.  I almost felt guilty sitting in the waiting room, knowing that we were trying for number two, when most of the people around us were there for the first time.  But then I would remind myself how much we have been through, and I would realize that I have nothing to feel guilty about!

About the consult…. it went pretty much as I had planned.  The only thing the RE said that I had not expected, was that he wants me to do a hysteroscopy sometime in December.  Since I had a somewhat traumatic delivery (won’t go into detail for those of you still trying :)), he wants to make sure there was no damage to the uterus.  It is probably a good thing, but it does mean one more day off of school and a few hundred more dollars!  They gave us birth control to start as soon as my next AF arrives (most likely this weekend).  Then the FET cycle will start with the following AF (which will be due at the very end of December).  That puts us transferring the snow babies early to mid January!  Wow, that is weird to even write considering we were originally thinking we would be waiting until we were out for the Summer.  (DH and I are both teachers.) 

It is hard to not get excited about the thought of adding to our family and giving our little one a sibling.  I am finding that DH and I are more excited this time around, similar to when we were doing our first IVF cycle, but then I have to stop and think….are we being naive again, like we were in the beginning???  Even if we are, it is nice to be able to get excited again!  With our last few cycles we had been through soooo much, it was hard to be hopeful at all.  Even once we got pregnant with our miracle, we did not let ourselves enjoy the pregnancy like we should have.  If we are lucky enough to have a second miracle, I think we will enjoy the pregnancy more this time around. 

I hope some of you will follow us through our second journey to parenthood, even an IVF vet would love some support :).  If you are still trying for number one, you may want to check out the IVF Success Program, it has a lot of helpful tips to improving your chances!  Good luck to everyone out there trying to expand their family!  If anyone is cycling the same time as me and would like to chime in from time to time, it would be greatly appreciated!

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