May 13

How to Get Low Cost IVF…


If you would like to learn about how to get low cost IVF check out this article by Dianna Farrell.  She is the author of the IVF Success Program and an infertility sufferer herself.  Enjoy!

If you’re having a hard time getting pregnant, IVF may seem like the best way to achieve your dreams of parenthood. Unfortunately, IVF is not an option that everyone can take due to the high price tag that comes with the procedure. A single cycle of IVF costs at least $12,000, and there is no guarantee that it will work! But don’t let the expense keep you from getting pregnant – there are plenty of ways to cut costs in half. One such way is to look into medical tourism and consider getting IVF done abroad.

Medical tourism for IVF conception

As costs of IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies continue to rise in the West, cash-strapped parents-to-be have been flying out of their home town to avail of IVF abroad. For many decades, only the rich and famous could avail of advanced medical procedures in world-class hospitals outside the United States. But thanks to the boom in medical tourism, average middle-class couples can take several weeks off to go on an exotic medical vacation. Every year, thousands of couples receive infertility treatments at clinics in South America, Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Even with plane fare and accommodations, IVF abroad costs far less. Just to give you an idea of how much you save, an IVF cycle in Mexico costs only $3,950! In Thailand and India, you can expect to pay around $3,250 per cycle. The cheapest and most popular destination for IVF abroad is Costa Rica, with each cycle costing around $2,800.

What to look for in a clinic

Now that you know how much money you can save with IVF abroad, you’re probably itching to start packing your bags. But first, you need do your homework! It’s too risky to assume that a clinic is being run by a qualified doctor and contains the equipment it claims to have. Look at the clinic’s website carefully and check the doctor’s credentials. A reproductive endocrinologist must have a residency in obstetrics and gynecology, as well as three years of training in the field of reproductive endocrinology. Check to see if the clinic is accredited as well. Make sure that the lab has a High Complexity Lab Director (HCLD) on staff and on the premises. HCLDs are in charge of washing sperm, preparing eggs, and incubating embryos; their experience and qualifications is critical to the success of your procedure. The best HCLD should have a PhD.

One other thing you can watch out for is accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI). The JCI is an American accreditation agency that also accredits hospitals and clinics abroad. With the JCI stamp of approval, you can be assured that they comply with US safety standards. You will also have an easier time comparing the clinic abroad to clinics in the US.

Examine the package deal

The cheap price of each cycle might seem enticing, but don’t buy it without checking what procedures it includes. Does the price include fertility drugs? Post-care treatment? How much for additional procedures like ICSI? Don’t be afraid to ask these questions – you deserve to know what you’re paying for.

Diana Farrell is the author of the trademarked Full Embrace series of books on overcoming infertility. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology through the University of San Francisco, as well as advanced training in a number of alternative therapies. Through her own journey overcoming infertility she uncovered a wealth of information about ways to increase a couple’s chances of getting pregnant with IVF. To find out about her program for IVF success, visit The Full Embrace Success Program.

IVF success storiesI think traveling to Costa Rica sounds great, I wish I would have thought about this when we were first starting our IVF journey!  If any of you have ever used any of these techniques to get low cost IVF, then I would love to hear about your experiences!

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  1. Angelina

    Hello there the reason for this email is because Ive been trying to get pregnat for the last 2yrs. I have pocs & its very hard & dissapointing. Im seeing my OBGYN & Im taking meds. called Mediformin 500mg. 3times a day.
    What can I do? I dont have much money & my husband cant travel at all.

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