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Pregnancy Test After IVF – How Soon Should I POAS?


How soon should you take a pregnancy test after IVF?  I was reading on a forum earlier today and came across someones post about a negative hpt.  I’m sure she was seeking out for a positive response to keep her spirits up, but in the back of her mind she was thinking “it’s over, I’m not pregnant“. I have seen so many women in this same place.   It makes no sense for us to beat ourselves up over an hpt that may or may not be accurate on the day that we are taking it.  I failed to mention that the lady taking the hpt was only 7dp3dt.  The embryo would have only been implanted for a day or two at this point and would most likely not be producing enough HCG to show up on a hpt for a few more days, at least.  Click here to see a day by bay guide to the two week window.

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Why do we do this to ourselves?

I am not criticizing this woman for taking the hpt so early; I did it also!  But why do we do it?  If we get a positive we will think it is still the trigger, if we get a negative we think we are doomed.  It is a lose-lose situation.  We do it because we are so desperate, or at least I was, for some good news.  We do it because we are sooo tired of waiting.  The whole fertility process is a waiting game; waiting to start birth control, waiting for your period to start, waiting to start stims, waiting for the transfer, waiting for the first beta level, and if you are lucky enough to get a positive the waiting game starts all over again!  We do it because we want to be in control of something.  We don’t have a say in any of this, at least we can decide to do an hpt early. 

When should I take an HPT?

There is no correct answer to that question.  I would recommend waiting until a day or two before your beta levels are going to be checked.  If you do this, then you can be with your husband when you find out, instead of over the phone with some nurse.  Also, if it comes out as a false negative, you would only have a couple days left to wait until the beta.  When you test so early you are tortured for a week or more before you finally go in for your beta.

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I hate to see us have to suffer or worry throughout our cycles anymore than we have to.  I wrote this post to hopefully convince some of you to wait as long as you can before taking an hpt.  Do not let a negative pregnancy test after IVF get you down, there is still hope!  If you enjoy reading my blog and would like to recieve valuable IVF info along with blog updates, please subscribe here.


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  1. priscila

    hi . this is what i did this morning.am on day 7 since the transfer.I got a negative on HPT.am worried stiff if this is so.could it be i made the HPT so soon.

    1. brit16

      No need to be worried yet, this is still pretty early. You are seven days post what type of transfer? (day 3 or day 5) Try to put it out of your mind as much as possible for a few days. Then test again, even then, you can’t know for sure until your beta (blood test). I just read a story the other day about a lady who tested the morning of her beta test, got a negative, then took her blood test and it was positive! Good luck to you!

      1. LittleBits

        My daughter had invitro with only one embryo and she took two early pregnancy tests that came back negative and she has her blood test tomorrow morning. She is devastated. I am still praying that the blood test will come back as a positive. I have prayed so hard for her and my heart is breaking. Is there still a chance she could test positive with the blood test. She has only one more try. She did not have as many eggs as the doctor would have liked and most of them did not survive. Please tell me there is still a chance she could be pregnant.

  2. va

    Thanks so much for this post…this is exactly my dilemma. I am currently trying to remain strong and resist the urge to perform a hpt. I am 9 days post-transfer of a 5dt. This is so difficult but I do not want to be disappointed for the next three days until my first beta level (which may be positive)! The waiting is just starting to really get to me.

    1. brit16

      Hey VA, hope everything turns out great for you! Your doing good having held on for this long. If you just can’t stand it, you coud do it on the morning of your beta. Just be sure to keep in mind that people have gotten negatives on a poas the day of their beta and then turned around and had positive blood work. Good luck!

  3. pammycakes

    I am a surrogate who is 4days pt for 2- 5day live-et. I am doing a test to see just how early(if they transplanted) hpt’s will pick up hCG. Just my own way to pass the time untill the beta on the 9th day pt. today was my first day to test and i didn’t see much that’s for sure! On one test I could see the slightest(if i looked SUPER close)discoloration. But not sure if all I am seeing is just where they have the strip that is suppose to react. I will test again in the am. BTW…this test is said to pick up 10ml. I will update…..

    1. pammycakes

      ok so here it is 5daysPT and nhpt…..will check again tomorrow

      1. pammycakes

        7DPT of 2-5ET…HFN

        1. brit16

          It’s still early. Hope you get that positive soon! That is great that you are a surrogate for someone. Do you know the couple?

          1. pammycakes

            sorry to say but the beta was negative…off for round 2!
            the couple chose my profile…i have a son thru artificial insemination from an unknown donor. this was our way of paying it forward…..
            i will continue to post thru this process

  4. Heather

    I took 2 early signs pregnancy tests this morning and got two positives. That is something I’ve never seen. I am 15 days post transfer and have my blood test this Monday. How accurate is this? I am nervous to say anything with the fear of Monday’s test being a negative. I have had some cramping this past week, gassy, bloated, tired, and very thirsty (even more than my 2 large bottles of water a day). Any advice? Diet suggestions, etc.? As I told my close friend, either I’m pregnant or just very bloated and fat.

    1. brit16

      Congrats!!! How did your beta go? Threre are a lot more false negatives than positives. Usually if you get a positive, then you are pregnant. Hope you have a great pregnancy.

  5. Leticia

    Good advice. My first ivf I took the hpt 2 days prior to the blood test. I didn’t even wait to take it at home. I went inside the grocery store bathroom. Until this day whenever I drive that store i remember when my whole life went from desperately wanting to truly happy and hopeful. It was positive. My son is 17 months old now and I am in the 2ww for his sibling. I had forgotten how hard it is to wait and be patient.

    1. brit16

      Great to hear that you have a miracle baby as well. When is your little ones b-day? My little guy is almost 17 months as well, his b-day is 3-23-10. I hope this cycle is a success as well! We had originally planned on cycling this summer for a sibling, but finances just did not allow it to happen. Hopefully it will be soon.

  6. alba

    hello,im one week after the transfer..i did the test and sono today and the doc told me that probably i’m not…..i’m devastated..too much energy,emotions money and time..i wish i was dead..they say that God gives how much u can handle..this is too much..i can’t handle it…i have 6 years that i’m tryin and i’m 30years old…

    1. Adrienne

      aww dont get down trust me! ive been trying for 10 years. :) there are so many things that can go wrong or right with IVF. I am trying right now with my husband as we speak. We get the transfers next week sometime. I am so nervous. But dont let it get you down ok? i know that is so much easier said that done but honestly keep trying. If you are feeling weary and tired its a good time to take a break. Breath…pamper yourself and try to focus on something else. Get a fresh breath :) then start again on it if you wish to. Dont ever do anything while you are exhausted. Your body is trying to tell you something so make sure to listen to it. I keep thinking Im just no good and that I cant do anything right especially the 1 thing that a ‘real woman’ is suppose to do and that is give birth to a baby. Keep in mind our bodies due to the hormones we eat everyday arent going to be ‘normal’. Hang in there. Try to change some routines. Stress can also keep you from getting pregnant. Just breath with me :) and see where we can go from here. Happy thoughts love. :)

      1. LittleBits

        Thanks for your post. I am going to give this site to my daughter who had had her first try and she had 2 negatives and has her blood test tomorrow. Is there still a chance the blood test could be positive?
        She is devastated and she said she was just going tomorrow to get it over with and having the blood test done. I am still hoping for a miracle.

        1. brit16

          I’m so sorry for not having answered your post about your daughter’s IVF so long ago. I was not on my site for a while and have decided to start trying to update it again. I hope she has been able to get pregnant since your post!! Let me know if you have any questions for me.

    2. Adrienne

      btw i am turning 31 this November. I know the feeling of hearing your biological clock ticking. just smile and enjoy the adventure. :)

    3. lynn

      im 37 n just done invetro 4 my third time. find out next tuesday the results. it does get tiresome n for your body n wallet. but if its meant 2 b it will happen. just kerp trying, dont give up. good luck

  7. Gavinsmomma

    I am doing this to myself as we speak lol. This is my 3rd fresh ivf. #1 we xsfrd 2 day 5 blasts, got pg with twins and lost them to pro at 21.5 weeks. #2 we transferred 2 blasts, saw 2 sacs and had a singleton, my son Gavin. #3 was this past Thursday 8/4 we xsfrd 1 blast and I am dying over here. I got pos hpt 5dp5dt with both previous cycles. Today, not so much. I am trying to remind myself every pregnancy is different and that we only transferred 1 but your mind really plays tricks on you!

  8. adrienne

    I am experiencing constipation with my hormone shots and nausea. Is anyone else going through this as well?
    My stomach hurts from the gas that I am getting and constipation and I think in turn its making me have to vomit. If anyone else has any tips or experiences on this please let me know so I dont freak out more than I am. :)

    thank you :)

    1. brit16

      It sucks, but it is normal to have constipation. If you do get pregnant, you may have trouble with it all throughout your pregnancy. I was told to drink a lot of fluid and try to avoid foods that are likely to make constipation worse. Hope you get a positive soon!

    2. Jolene

      i also felt very constipated after the egg retrieval. apparently the anesthesia and the progesterone both make you constipated, and since you are resting and not getting exercise, your bowels just don’t want to move! my doctor told me to get milk of magnesia, as well as a pill called Prunelax Ciruelax Laxative. both are very gentle and do not contain aspirin, so they are safe to use in case you are pregnant. they really helped my stomach during that tough week of the egg retrieval and transfer. best of luck to you!!!!

  9. Desiree

    My transfer was frozen day 3 on August 12th…. I know I shouldn’t have but I just did a home test and it was negative… but I know it was way too early to test. I know I am pregnant in my heart. We did our first round of IVF in 2009 and we had a beautiful boy who unfortunately God saw fit to take him at 5 months. I know that God is kind and would not put us through this again. The transfer is my last 3 embryos and cannot afford to harvest again.\

    God bless……. and here’s to a positive result next week

    1. jasmine

      I had two, 5 day blastocysts transferred. On day 8 I did a Home preg.test in the evening. It was negative. I’m devastated…. But doc had told me to do on day 10. I’m not sure how much would that matter…..But I have not started bleeding as yet. ….Not sure what is happening…….kindly advice…..

      1. brit16

        I’m sorry to hear that it was a negative, but that does not mean it is over. I have heard of many people not getting a positive until day 10 or 11 after transfer. Please hold out hope. If you are on progesterone, then there is a good chance you will not start bleeding until you are off the meds (if the cycle was a negative). Good luck to you. Please update if you have a chance!

      2. munazza

        Did you find out your blood test results ?I am hoping best for you .I had 3 day embryo transfer last friday .Post day 8th I did bhcg and it is <1 .I am devastated .Dr says we will repeat the test .I know it has not happened,It is emotionally very disturbing .This was my first IVF after many unsuccesful IUI

      3. Jen

        Hope you had good results to your day 10 test!

        1. jennifer lynch

          I had my frozen egg transfer last monday oct. 10. My blood test is scheduled for tomorrow the 18th. I just took an hpt and it was negative. I’m so upset I can’t even breathe…its our 3rd attempt…likely the last.

          1. brit16

            I’m sorry to hear that you got a negative on your hpt, but it is not over until you get your beta. Wish you luck today!!!!

          2. H 777

            wow that’s early for the beta…i had my ET on the 10th and am not scheduled beta until the 21st…

  10. Anette

    Hi, I’m at day 9 of a 5day transfer and did a first response hpt – it’s negative – not even a fainted 2nd line. Also I don’t feel pregnant. I had no cramps and no spotting.
    So far I had not much advice from my doctor. There was no talk about a blood test.
    Did any of you had to ask for a blood test after a negative and is there hope even after 14days of egg collection?
    Please advice. x

    1. veeru

      Hi Anette,

      I am at exactly same condition as you were at the time of posting this msg. Please guide a bit as you have crossed the puzzled situation.


  11. hopefultobe

    hi i tested at home and got a negative 13 days pass 3day transfer can i still be pregnant?

    1. brit16

      Yes, you could still be pregnant, but most people would test positive at this point. Don’t give up until you have your beta results! Good luck to you, maybe you have a late implanter.

  12. Jen

    Its good to hear the stories here on different symptoms…I am 5dp5dt and w/one blastocyst & 2 mula embryos transfered but we have not taken a test yet. I am scared to do so cause of a negative result. I am also having no real symptoms…I am trying to keep myself occupied and keep my mnd off a test. I bought 3 pack of hpt last night. We plan to take our test this week, one Friday and one the next Wed when blood test is planned….

    1. brit16

      Try not to stress over your symptoms or lack of. Many people never experience early pregnancy symptoms and most that do don’t have them until around 6 – 8 weeks of pregnancy. Good luck to you!

  13. Juju

    hey Brit,
    I did a test just now and it shows negative after my last monday transfer. today should be my 8 days after 3 days embryo transfer. I am so disappointed. I also have very high temp 38.3c everyday since last Friday. I am not sure why and I also have like period pain on the both and middle side of tummy. can you please advice why? does my period come soon or what? God bless. thanks Juju

  14. Christine

    Hi ladies. I am a 43 year old woman who had three unsucessful IUIs last year to only find out at the end of the year that I have blocked tubes. I have just completed my first IVF. I had 4 embryos trasferred on day 3 (last Tuesday). Since that day I have been bloated like crazy. Especially at night. Not sure why. The nausea comes and goes, I get bad leg cramps and I have bad lower back pain like I am about to get a very painful period. I also get very lightheaded every so often, hot flashes out of no where…I just start to sweat. I go for my Beta test on Monday the 17th. I am currently 7 days post transfer. I don’t know if all this is caused by the progesterone or what? I had 76 embryos in total so two were frozen on day 3. I am thinking that if this does not work, I might try the two frozen ones….OR look into surgery to unblock my tubes. Not really sure. I pray to God this works. I have had so much heartache….and I am not a spring chicken. Ever time my RE talks about my age I cringe. My mother in law has been very sick with cancer for two years….we all need some happiness.

    I feel more and more bloated. I don’t know. It’s so hard to wait. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.


    1. Christine

      correction!!! I had 6 embryos! Not 76!! LOL! Imagine?

      1. brit16

        The side effects are most likely from the progesterone and not from pregnancy, but that does not mean you are not pregnant! Most people’s pregnancy symptoms come around 6 weeks. If you feel extreme bloating with pain, then you could have OHSS. It is not any fun, but will not hurt your chances of getting pregnant. Good luck to you!

    2. Niki

      I feel your pain. I’m 32 and tried IUI 6 times and then found out my tubes were block. I had surgery and unblocked them and tried 3 more times and was still unsuccessful. I took a few years off and decided my only hope was IVF. I just did my transfer oct 8th. and have my blood test oct 18th. I can’t hardly wait. I took an at home test…probably too early and got a negative result. I’m trying to still think positive. I want this so bad and don’t know what to do if this doesn’t work. It is so expensive and my insurance doesn’t cost anything. I wish the best for you!!

  15. Niki

    Just did my first IVF transfer and I’m doing the waiting period and going crazy. I did a at home test 6 days after transfer and it was negative. I’m trying to stay positive. I didn’t have any spotting yet at all. In my heart I feel like I’m pregnant. Everyone’s stories are so inspiring to my and have been helping me get through this horrible waiting period. Blood test is on the 18th. Fingers crossed. God bless.

    1. brit16

      Six days after is still too early. Please don’t get discouraged yet! Although some women have implantation spotting, most of them do not. Try not to worry too much about the symptoms or lack of. Each woman and each pregnancy is unique. Some people do not have any symptoms during early pregnancy. Good luck!

      1. Niki

        Have my pregnancy blood test on Tues oct 18th. I took a clearblue test that actually says pregnant or not pregnant today….it said pregnant. I hope it’s not a false positive! I’m so excited and still nervous because I know the first trimester is the toughest. So happy and excited for this journey. Thanks for the support.

        1. Patiently Waiting - KC

          Congrats Niki! I am so happy for you.

          1. Niki

            Thanks!! Blood test came back positive as well. I’m so excited for this journey. I wish the very best for everyone . I know you all want this as bad as I do.

        2. Ange Bremeier

          what was your beta?

          1. Niki

            My first beta on oct 18th was in the 200’s and my 2nd beta oct 20th was in the 600’s! I have my last one on monday.

    2. Niki

      My 3rd and final beta was 2400! Nov. 8th is my 1st ultrasound. I’m so excited. woohoo

      1. brit16

        That is a great number! Hope your first ultrasound gets here quickly and you get to see the little heartbeat. Congrats!

        1. Yolanda

          Congrats, reading your storey makes me so happy! all the best with the pregnancy!

    3. Angela


      Sorry to bother you, but I want to know if you had a 3 or 5 day transfer

  16. Patiently Waiting - KC

    I wish each and everyone of you the best of luck this day and going forward. I did my 3rd IVF 3 day transfer on October 10th. I am patiently waiting for the beta test on October 20th. I read these blogs to stay positive and believe it or not it keeps my mind of doing a HPT when I read so many others experiences. I did a lot of preparation for this IVF. I had to have tubes removed, fibroids removed and right before starting procedure had additional fibroids to be removed off uterus to ensure a clean smooth area for embryos to attach and implant. I am very thankful. I did acupuncture to relax my uterus and stayed relaxed and clam. I am on day 7pt3dt. I have some feelings nausea hear and there, cramps and pains. Not sure if from medications. I do drink a lot more water due to constant dry mouth so that may or may not contribute to frequent urination. I can see why a lot of blogs say its hard to know if what you’re really feeling are pregnancy symptoms or not. Between the IVF procedure, medications and the unknown it can wear on you. I pray every day, thanking God in advance for my baby blessings. Sorry for rambling. First time post and had a lot to say. Thanks for reading and I welcome any advice, support and comments. Be blessed. KC

    1. brit16

      Good luck on your beta! I think it is great that you are keeping your mind busy, and staying relaxed and calm. Wishing the best for you!

  17. Patiently Waiting - KC

    Thanks so much Brit!

  18. Ange Bremeier

    Hi Ladies,
    I have had 3 IUI’s and 1 resulted in a miscarriage. On October 3rd I had the retrieval where they took 17 folicles, 10 mature, 8 survived ICSI and 2 blasto transfers graded A and B on the 8th. After transfer (around day 3 post transfer) I started having a lot of cramping in my abdomen, back and upper thighs. I have my Beta tomorrow morning at 8am, but could not control myself and took a HPT. It was POSITIVE! I have never seen a positive before. :)
    I was wondering if anyone knew if this could be a false positive? I am 17 days out of my hcG injection so from everything I am reading I am clear because I took 5,000 which only takes 10 days to leave your system. I also read that the estridol and progesterone should not effect anything.
    Is it possible that this is a true positive?

    1. brit16

      The only thing that can cause a “false positive” is a HCG shot, not progesterone or estrogen. Since you are 17 days post the injection, I would say a congrats is in order!!!!! I have always heard 7 to 10 days for the shot to be out of your system. Good luck, update us with your beta!

      1. Ange Bremeier

        Beta was 80!!!!!

        1. Niki

          Congrats! I did my transfer on the same day as you and I got my positive test result today. woohoo congrats!!

          1. Ange Bremeier

            congrats to you too! what was your Beta?

      2. Ange Bremeier

        Second beta is 120. should I worry that it didnt double? Can I do anything to increase the number?

        1. Niki

          They wanted my 2nd beta to go up 66% and it went up almost 200% I hope that’s ok… Your 2nd beta still went up so hopefully everything is ok. What meds are you on? I’m on estradol, progesterone injections, and prenatal. I don’t think you can do anything to increase the hcg. When is your 3rd beta? Fingers crossed for you!! Then it’s another waiting game for the heartbeat. I’m going crazy too. I just want to know everything is ok. Keep your chin up and stay positive.

          1. Ange Bremeier

            I am on 4mg of estridol, 2cc of progesterone and prenatal. I wen up 60%, and the doctor and the nurse seem happy with it. I am only 13days post transfer, so hopefully it is still early. My next beta is on Saturday morning. I am hoping for a big happy number.

          2. Ange Bremeier

            whewwww, 314 today!!!! very happy by that :) One more check on Monday, and then we just wait to hear the heartbeat.

          3. brit16

            Great to hear!!!!! Hope you have a happy, uneventful pregnancy. Keep us updated!

    2. Niki

      yay!! congrats. My last beta is on monday too. Sounds like everything is going along just fine for you. Congrats

    3. Niki

      what was your beta today?

      1. Ange Bremeier

        it was good! It was 667, more than doubled again. I am worried though because besides the cramping, I have no symptoms. No morning sickness, no tender breasts, not overly tired. I am sure I am being crazy, but we have tried for so long to get here, and we can not afford another IVF, so I think I am just paranoid. First ultrasound 11/4 and hopefully that will ease my mind. Anyone else have no symptoms in early pregnancy?

        1. brit16

          I really didn’t EVER have any of the typical early pregnancy symptoms. Never threw up, not even once, did not have sore breast. I did have occasional nausea, but that wasn’t until around 6 weeks. Most women who think they are experiencing pregnancy symptoms after IVF are probably just having side effects from the progesterone. Pregnancy symptoms do not typically kick in until around 6 to 8 weeks. Try not to worry about it, consider it a blessing right now, because it may not last!

          1. Ange Bremeier

            I am so glad to hear that, because I have been freaking out. I think these emotions of feeling like something is wrong is always hightened when it is a child of infertile parents. I just always feel like something is wrong. In fact, I have been loosing sleep over it. So, last night, just so I could rest easy, I had my DH go out at 10:30pm and get me another pregnancy test, just so I could see the positive result again. Does anyone else have these issues? If so, any suggestions on how to overcome?

          2. brit16

            I totally understand what you are going through. After experiencing miscarraiges my DH and I were really hesitant to relax and emjoy the fact that we had a baby on the way. The only thing I can suggest is to try to let go of the fears and be excited, you don’t want to regret not enjoying your pregnancy. I don’t feel like I really “bonded” with my little one like I should have since I was so afraid we would lose him. If I have the opportunity to be pregnant again, I will not let myself be that way. In all honesty, being afraid and hesitant does not make the bad news any easier if it does come. Try to stay positive and be excited about your little one.

        2. Niki

          My last beta was 2400! Now I’m wondering if that is a good sign of twins. Which I would be just thrilled about. Can’t wait to find out on Nov 8th.

          1. brit16

            How many days post transfer were you???? We had really high betas, over 1,000, at 14 days post transfer. The nurses were convinced that it was twins, but it was just one healthy little one. Only the ultrasound will tell you for sure! Glad to hear the great betas!!!!!!!

        3. Ange Bremeier

          First ultrasound was today :) We have 1 very healthy baby. We were able to see the yolk sack and our little one who is about 5.2 mm. We were also able to see and HEAR the heartbeat. A very healthy 118bpm. Going back on the 18th <3

          1. brit16

            Great news!! Thanks for coming back and sharing with us. Would you be interested in sharing your story with my viewers??? I have a hard time finding people that have the time to share. Email me at brit16@suddenlink.net if you are interested. Thanks! Hope you have a great pregnancy :).

          2. brit16

            Just wanted to see how you and your little one were doing??!!

  19. Nicole Dimopoulos

    Hi every one .. wow this is so lovely to read and it makes you feel like you arent the only one. Im in a bit of a pickle at the minute.. Me and my partner of three years are going through the ivf process at the minute. I have something called Turners syndrome which ment that when i was 8 i had to have both my ovarys removed, I mean at that age you dont really take in to account that you wont be able to have children naturally. 2 years ago me and my partner decided that the time was right to start the ivf process we went to see our docter and he said that the waiting time on the NHS was 6 years and we didnt want to waste any time so we went to see my local gp an we went managed to get funded to go privatly, As we didnt just need the ivf we needed a egg doner as well ment the treatment was goign to cost 6,500 english pounds, We both went last week monday the 10th my partner did his seman sample and we also found out the doner had produced 10 eggs in total 5 in which we recieved we then got a phone call on tuesday to say 2 had turned to embroyos we’d of hoped for more but 2s good all the same. Then on wednesday the 12th i had both eggs put back watching them being put back on the screen was amazing to see. An now its just a waiting game until the 28th which is the date i have to have the take the test now i was wondering if i was to take a hpt when would i be able to do this. An also what do you think my chances of it working first time im 22 years old im a non smoker and dont drink im 9 stone in weight and genually healthy. im so nervous iv hads crampos in my tummy and felt very tired if i get up to do anything

    please help people im so nervous

    lots of love nicole xxxx

    1. brit16

      Sorry to hear about all you are having to go through. You sound like the perfect candidate for IVF, hope you will be a lucky first timer!!!! When is your beta test? Keep us updated!

      1. nicole dimopoulos

        I don’t have one the clinic care fertility have given me a pregnancy test wich I have to take on the 28th but seems so far away. Do you think I should phone my local docter and have 1 done when can I take a home pregnancy test xxx

  20. Elise

    Today is 7dp5dt and still negative on the home test :( My last surrogate journey a got a positive at 6dp3dt so I’m feeling a bit let down. My blood test is on Thursday .. my intended mom is going to be really upset. I’ve avoided telling her I’m home testing .. I’m hoping for a positive home test in the morning but I feel fairly let down at the moment.

  21. Kimberly

    Hi everyone:

    Well…once again I am reading this blog instead of sleeping. : ) Last Tuesday (10/18) I had two 5 day blastocysts transferred and I go in or my beta tomorrow morning. I had some mild cramping 2-3 days after transfer but no spotting.

    I took my second HPT at 2:30 a.m. this morning(10/25) and it was negative. I think there is still a chance that I may be pregnant…but it is still so hard! When you want something for so long (18 years) – you look for any positive
    sign…so the mind games begin.

    I’ve noticed that a lot of you suggest testing the day before the beta like I did today but I think that my beta is kinda early…8 days after transfer (tomorrow). Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I am fooling myself thinking I could still be pregnant?

    I’d appreciate any input. Thank you to all who post here!

    1. brit16

      Your beta is very early! Many RE’s suggest betas be at about 14 days, although that seems too long to wait to me. The blood test will tell you for sure, but there is a chance that it is still too early to be picked up on the hpt. Good luck to you! 18 years is a looooong time! I hope this is the cycle for you!

  22. Kimberly

    Hi Brit:

    Yes, I know…18 years is a very long time and I am sure that you and others on her understand the feeling of desperation combined with hope eternal in this process.


    After I read for a while this morning I went into the bathroom and the test I took at 2:30 a.m. showed a faint second line (indicating positive). However, the instructions on the first response literature said that a negative test should not be read after 10 min. So, of course, I am off to the store in less than 5 minutes, hurry home and retest before I went to the bathroom again. This time I read it at 3-4 minutes, and again, there is a slight faint second line… When I tested 2 days ago there was no line I am sure of it. However, the line is so faint that I am afraid to get my hopes up.

    Oh my….why don’t we listen to our doctors and wait??? Well, we all know the answer there.

    Anyone ever had a faint line on an early test? I had my transfer last Tuesday so I think this is still pretty early.

    What a roller coaster. : )

    1. brit16

      I tested really, really early on my FET cycle. I got such a faint positive that I wasn’t sure if it was really even there. Throughout the next couple days it started getting a little darker. Any line means positive, as long as you have not had an HCG trigger or booster in the last week or so! Next time you decide to test hopefully the line will seem a little darker.

      I totally understand the desperation you are feeling, the only thing I can say is that it is all worth it in the end. I hope this is the time for you!!!

    2. brit16

      Just realized that you should have had your beta results today, hope you have good news to share with us!!!!!

  23. Nicole dimopoulos

    Hi every one I’m in desperate help from you all I had my egg implantation 13 says ago and I decided to get a pregnacy test from the local clinic the lady that did it for me said she thought she saw a faint line then she said it was negative. I’m due to take the blood test Friday do you think negative will be the outcome. Iv had a lot of cramping and no period as yet was due on Saturday please help thanks Nicole x

    1. brit16

      Any line means positive. Why did she say why it was negative? If I were you, I would buy another test from the drug store and see if you see a second line. Either that or be patient and wait for your blood test. Good luck to you!!!!!!!!!

  24. Kimberly

    Hi everyone:

    Well, great news!!! I did my beta yesterday and it was a BFP!!! Level was 108. Told my family, great day. My parents had pretty much given up on becoming grandparents and my sister said it was one of the best days of her life.

    So, all great until I get ready for bed and guess what? Light brown spotting…not much, but definitely noticeable, but nothing overnight or this morning. I also have felt some slight cramping, but it is so slight that I wonder if I am just imagining it because I am so scared. Of course I notified my nurse and she said – – nothing really differently to do but wait for tomorrow’s beta test. That’s it, no other reassurance. This is the first time I have had spotting at all. I don’t know if I should be on bed rest or what…you had to do something wrong at this point.

    Anyone ever have this symptom?

    By the way Brit – – wow….your story is amazing. I cried when I read it. You and your husband went through so much. I am so happy for you that it all worked out.

    Take care everyone,


    1. brit16

      Congrats Kimberly! The only spotting I EVER had (even with the miscarriages) was on the successful pregnancy, so spotting is not always a bad sign. If the bleeding turns from spotting to heavy and red, then that is usually a bad sign. It could be implantation bleeding or a subchorionic hemmorhage. Mine was spotting off and on and we found out later that I had a hemmorrage, but my little boy was a fighter. Thanks for the kind words about our story. It was a long journey, but it was all worth it in the end. Hope you have a healthy nine months!!!!

    2. Babbs

      you just gave me some hope!
      I am 7 days past 5 day transfer and got a negative. I am totally freaking out here, been crying all morning.
      I transferred 2, grade 1 blast one was a AB and the other a BB.
      I hope I have an outcome like yours! thanks for sharing!

      1. brit16

        Your welcome! Don’t give up hope yet, there is still time to end up with a positive. Good luck to you!

        1. Babbs

          at what point are you out? I didn’t test today. I am way too scared!
          This is my second IVF, first time I tested at 6pd5dt and had a positive with my ID twin girls. Now they are 2 and I am so ready for more baby(ies).
          at what point do you worry about not getting a positive on the test.

          1. brit16

            I have heard of some people getting a negative the morning of their beta test and then finding out they were pregnant. So…..even though it is discouraging to see a negative, don’t give up hope before the beta. Have you tested again?? Good luck to you! Congrats on your twins, our little miracle is 19 months now!

          2. Babbs

            Had my beta today, waiting for my results, which will be a BIG FAT NEGATIVE. I believe I am on day 1 now and will start a new cycle. Just waiting on that dreaded call and get started on a new cycle. I completely broke down sobbing during my blood draw.

          3. brit16

            I’m so sorry about you getting upset in the RE’s office, that is so hard. Did you start bleeding today? Don’t give up all hope until you get that call. I think the hours waiting for the call are harder than the whole 2ww! I’m sorry for what you are going through, IVF can really suck at times.

  25. sara

    i did hpt 6 days post 3 day transfer and got negative help

    1. brit16

      6 days post is still too early! Don’t be discouraged, many women don’t get positives until around 10 days post transfer. Wait a couple of days and then try again, good luck to you!!!!!

  26. Jessi Lake

    My transfer is tomorrow. I will be a 5 day. I’m nervous. This is our 2nd attempt, and I just want things to go well. I am trying acupuncture this time, before and after transfer. I heard that it can help…..I sure hope so!!! The first time I only had 4 embryos, and did a 3dt. This time I have 12 and get the 5dt, so thats better already, its just so nerve racking!!!

    1. brit16

      Wow, it sounds like your cycle is already going much better! That is a big improvement. Hope this is the cycle for you, keep us updated!!!!!!!

  27. Melanie

    I am 8dp5dt and I got a very faint positive line. I have been worried b/c I have had no symptoms really…

    Uuugghhh! I just want to know already!!! My beta is on Friday.

    1. brit16

      Any line is a positive, even if it is faint!! Congrats! Please don’t worry about symptoms or no symptoms yet, it is still too early for that. Even if you did experience some symptoms, they would likely be from the progesterone shots and not the pregnancy. Most symptoms don’t show up until around 6 to 8 weeks and even then you may not have any. I NEVER had any early pregnancy symptoms. Good luck with your beta Friday! Keep us updated.

      1. Melanie

        Oh my gosh…they just called.

        Beta is 198!

        God is sooo good!


        1. brit16

          What a great first beta!!! Congrats to you, keep up updated on your pregnancy. Hope it very uneventful :).

        2. brit16

          Just wanted to see how you and your little one are doing??!!

  28. Erin

    Well, I’m 8dp2dt on my second round of IVF. I’ve had five early miscarriages and I’m now patiently, or not so patiently, trying to wait my two weeks. I get my beta on Wednesday the 9th. My 34th birthday. I can’t believe it’s the same day. What feels the hardest is that even if I get a positive I don’t even know how to be excited at this point since all of my pregnancies have ended by week seven. I just want to wish everyone out there good luck. It’s so nice to finally be able to express myself in a community of women that are sharing in this awful process.

    1. brit16

      I can totally relate to the “not feeling excited” part. We went through three miscarriages before finally having a healthy pregnancy. You may want to check out this post about miscarriage and IVF. We could not get past the “scared something would go wrong” feeling almost all pregnancy. I can honestly say if we ever get pregnant again I am going to let that wall down. I regret not enjoying my pregnancy more, and bonding more with my little boy while he was inside of me. Please don’t do that to yourself. I understand being nervous during the first trimester, but after that really try to relax. Good luck to you, I hope this is the one for you!!! Even though the process sucks it is all worth it in the end. Come back and share with us when you find out your results!

  29. Tay

    WOW, it’s so encouraging to read the posts. This is our second fresh cycle. We did our first 5yrs ago. The negative was so hard. We harvested 5embryos and only one was successful with ICSI. It never crossed our minds there could be a fertilization concern b/c it was not w/round one. Anyway I am currently3dp5dt and a lil nervous. I am having dif symptoms this time in my body but don’t know if it’s side effects of meds ya know. A little dizziness and cramping which I pray is implanting taking place. I’ve Ben contemplating an hpt but would be a wreck of it came back negative…sooo we patiently wait. Are the cramps a good thing or am I experiencing mind games?

    1. brit16

      I would try not to read too much into the cramps, they could mean a variety of things. It is still too early for an hpt so try to wait atleast a few more days before really even considering it. I know it is hard to wait, with both of our FET cycles I tested 5dp5dt and got a very faint negative, but these pregnancies (one was our little boy and one was a miscarriage) both had very high beta levels. (Nurse thought twins both times!) Good luck to you, it only takes one! Keep us posted on the results of your cycle. Let us know when you get that positive!!!

  30. Jcampbell

    I am 6 days past my 5 day transfer and I haven’t tested yet. I broke down and bought a test this afternoon but I am still toscares to take it!! I’m afraid if I get a negative I will get too discouraged. I have had some cramping and my boobs hurt like crazy, but it is hard to distinguish early pregnancy symptoms from what might just be the side effects of the progestrone I am shooting up every day! *sigh* such mind games!! Thanks for the article. It is nice to know I’m not the only one losing my mind!:)

    1. brit16

      You are doing pretty good if you have the test sitting there and have kept from using it!!! I don’t think I could handle that. The pregnancy symptoms are typically just from the progesterone, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t pregnant, they just take a little while to kick in. Good luck to you! Keep us posted!

  31. Steph

    Hi everyone,

    I just stumbled across this site as i was searching for some support groups as we have just begun our first IVF cycle after having 2 failed stimulations. It’s kinda freaked me out reading all your posts but also has been encouraging! I had no idea the types of feelings i’m in for – i’m a highly anxious person and I kinda figured it would just work first time?? From what i’m reading that doesnt seem to be the case?? I should be having my harvest in the next week and am pretty scared about things that could go wrong……..the waiting part after implantation seems awful!!

    1. brit16

      I’m sorry that my site has scared you; it is not meant to do that at all! Many people do get pregnant on the first try, and I am not trying to convey that it doesn’t happen. I just wish I knew, before I started, that many times it does take a few attempts. Try not to be scared that things could go wrong, really there is no right or wrong. Many people with perfect cycles do not end up pregnant and many people with less than perfect do. Just have faith that end the end you will have a baby! The waiting is awful!!!! But it is all worth it in the end. Good luck to you, keep us posted!

  32. Kelly33

    Hi, I have been coming to this site on and off for a few weeks now, I just had my blood test yesterday from my second attempt at IVF. During the two week waiting period I took a HPT everyday just hoping for a positive but each day it came back negative as the days since my ET grew the dissappointment from the negative result on the HPT become more devastating and I could hardly wait for my blood test at the doctors. Trying to make myself hopeful again I search forums just like this one for stories oh women who tested negative on the HPT even the day of the blood test and it gave me hope. I had all the symptoms of being pregnant and thought hopefully I am one of the lucky ones. I tried to prepare myself for the worst but in the back of my mind prayed and wished for the best. I thought o could keep myself from complete disappointment if it didn’t happen once again. Unfortunately my test was negative and trying to prepare yourself for this just doesn’t make the pain any less. My husband and I will try again in a few month and we have decided to be all in only hoping and expecting the best Nevada you will never be prepared for the outcome you only hoped would never be our reality but again it was!! We will never give up but this is definitely an emotional rollercoaster that I wish I never had to ride buy I do and hopefully it will someday soon be over.

    1. brit16

      Hi Kelly, I’m sooo sorry to hear that you are going through this. The journey of infertility can seem cruel at times. No matter what I say to you, it probably won’t change the way you are feeling, but I can honestly say that it is all worth it in the end. Sometimes it can feel like it will never be your turn to get the good news. All I can say is don’t give up. I don’t know if you have read our story yet, but we went through 6 total cycles, 2 negative and 3 miscarriages before having our little boy. I always felt like we would have a baby if we would just keep trying. Of course there were times were I started to doubt that it could ever happen, but it did and I am so glad we did not give up. I hope you will be able to continue trying, it can happen for you when you least expect it to!!!

  33. desiree

    So I did a 5 day transfer last Monday …have a base line tomorrow and pregnancy test Saturday . I did two home test today …..both positive! I am scared to death. We lost our only son less than a year ago and its so hard to have hope.

    Gianni was my life …. He gave u’s five beautiful months and I guess aim just scared. Is there anyway the hpt could be a false positive?

    1. brit16

      Congrats!!! A positive is a positive, the only way you can get a false positive is if you have a HCG trigger shot and you test really early. How many days post transfer are you??? Monday, 3 days ago, or monday 10 days ago???? If you are 10dpt then the trigger would be out of your system for sure!! If you are only 3 days post transfer then there is a small chance it could still be from the trigger.

      I am so sorry to hear about your son, my heart sank hearing that you lost him at 5 months. I cannot even imagine losing my son. Hope you have a great 9 months of pregnancy!!!

    2. brit16

      Just wanted to check in and see how you were doing?

  34. desiree

    No trigger shot and I am 10 pt….. I want to tell my husband but given our situation I would feel better hearing from the doctor on Monday. I did of course take a third test this morning and it was positive!!!!

    Monday can’t come soon enough!! Thanks for the positive thoughts.

    1. brit16

      If you had no trigger it is a postive for sure!! Congrats! I understand about wanting to hear it from the doc but I think I would not be able to wait to tell hubby! Hope you have a great pregnancy!

  35. AmyC

    Im so thankful I found this blog site! So many of you with positive hpt!! I too am doing the dreaded 2ww! Had two embryos transferred on Monday. The not knowing is killing me! I’m so tempted to take a test but I know it’s to early to even tell? Hoping by reading all your encouraging stories will motivate my little embyies to stay put!!!

    1. brit16

      It is still too early to test, if you do then please don’t be discouraged by a negative! Try to wait atleast a few more days. Good luck to you, hope you will come back and update us after your dreaded 2ww is over.

  36. Rhonda M

    Hi everyone! I am going through my first IVF cycle and I’m in the dreaded 2ww. I had 2 grade A blastocysts transferred on the 8th. I am hoping one or both implant. One of the blastocysts was breaking out of its shell while the other was about a half a day behind my embryologist said. I am so tempted to test early but will try to wait until my beta which is scheduled on the 17th. I am so nervous because I am 38 and want another child with my husband. He does not have any children of his own and would like a housefull! lol I do not want to get my hopes up but I feel like I could be pregnant. I have slight cramping, a butterfly feeling in my stomach, hot flashes, lower back pain, and slight breast discomfort. I am hoping these are early signs and cannot wait until thursday for my beta test.

    1. brit16

      Try not to read too much into the symptoms, they can be caused by the progesterone supplements. I hope this is the time for you! It is great that you had two blast to tansfer! Please come back and update everyone when you get your positive beta :).

  37. Dani

    I am 13 days past egg transplant I have my blood test tommorow I took a hpt today and it’s negative could this be wrong am so sick !!

    1. brit16

      I have heard of ladies getting a negative the day before and then turning up pregnant. Don’t give up hope until your beta tomorrow! Good luck to you, please come back and let us know how it goes.

    2. calli

      I am in the same boat. Had my first beta this AM, but did a HPT when I got home…negative. I have my second beta Wednesday. I am 12 days post transfer (FET). Still trying to hold out hope….This so hard…

  38. Sarah C

    Reading this blogged has given me so much hope with my IVF. Here’s my story, my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years. We are both in our mid 20’s so we thought we would have no problem at all. Well we were wrong. When we had given up, I found out I was pregnant. We were so excited. Then came the bleeding and cramping ( I was only 4 weeks.) Spent every other day in the ER and the OBGYN’s office. Nothing was showing on ultrasounds, but beta was slowing rising. One morning I tried to get out of bed and I couldn’t, the pain was literally unbearable. My husband rushed me to the ER and after 8 hours of test and ultrasounds, I found out it was an ectopic pregnancy, and my left tube had ruptured. They removed my left tube, but I was able to keep my ovary. My doctor told me that it would be best to do IVF because the right tube did not look to be in good shape.

    So here we are. I had my transplant of 2 grade A blastocysts on Friday the 11, and today I took a hpt and it was a faint positive. Is it to soon to get excited since I had to take the HCG shot on November 4?

    1. brit16

      Sorry to hear you are having to go through all of this, infertility is such a rough journey! I can totally relate to thinking you were young and it would just happen. I was only 23 when I went through my first IVF cycle! Do you know what the dosage of your HCG shot was??? It can take up to ten days for the full dose to get out of your system. So there is a chance that it is still the trigger or it could be very early implantation. If you test positive in a couple days, that should be a better indication, but keep in mind that some people do not get positives until a lot later than that. Good luck to you!!!!!!!!

      1. Sarah C

        All I know about the trigger is it was Novarel and I diluted it with 1cc of the dilutant. Any advice?

  39. Saffron74

    it’s so comforting reading all your stories, it makes me feel less lonely during this dreaded 2ww. This is my second IVF and we had ICSI because only one of my ovaries responded:only 6 eggs collected, 2 mature and the 4 others were made to mature for one more day. thank God we obtained a beautiful blasto and a morula that were transferred Nov 12th. My blood test is scheduled for saturday nov 19th, isn’t it a bit early ? My doctor told me to test also on the 21st. I’m also tempted to test at home on friday. Will it be too early? My trigger shot (Ovidrel 250 mcg) was on Nov 5th.

  40. Meg

    I have hope from reading all of these posts! First round fresh IVF negative. This morning I am almost 5dp5dFET, frozen….yep! It will 5 days at 1 o’clock pm. Took a pregnancy test this am…nothing. it was an internet cheapie. Blood test is on the 21st. Am I out?

    1. brit16

      No not at all!!! It is still way too early to be ruling yourself out. Many people do not get positives until around 10dp transfer. Keep your head positive!!! Good luck!

  41. Theresa

    I am 5dp5dt (FET) and I took a hpt last night at 4days and thought I saw a really faint line. I retook the test today and their was no line. Do you think I tested too early?? My beta is not until next week Wednesday.

    1. brit16

      Yes it is very early. Did you do an HCG trigger shot? If so, then that could explain the faint positive last night. Now that you have had a negative, a postive at this point would for sure show pregnancy. Try to wait a couple more days and try again. Good luck to you! Keep us updated!

    2. Theresa

      No trigger this was a FET with 2 day 5 blastocyst. I am now 7dp5dt and still BFN. I just retested with I guess you can call it FMU since its 3am est and I fell asleep at 7pm est amd woke up having to use the bathroom. I used First Response Early Response (6db4 missed period). I think I am out of the game now

      1. brit16

        No! You are not out of it yet….many people do not get there first positives until around 10 or 11 days post transfer, some even later. Keep positive and test again in a couple of days! Will be praying for you!!!

        1. theresa

          Thanks I will

          1. Theresa

            I went for my beta this morning. Haven’t POAS since 7dp5dt so I have no clue if I am preggo or not. Today I am 12dp5dt

          2. brit16

            Praying for you!! Let us know how it goes.

  42. Helen

    I had 2 6 day embryo transfer on nov 8th, today would be my 8dp6dt & got a negative answer hpt. I’ve cried all day. My beta is scheduled for friday nov 18th and at this point im not sure what to think. Has anyone had something similar?

    1. brit16

      There is still a chance that you are pregnant. I read one ladies story on a forum one time where she tested the morning of beta, got a negative, then had a positive beta blood result that afternoon. Many people do have a positive by this point, but some don’t. Keep positive until your beta on Friday. Good luck to you!!! I hope you will come back and update us.

      1. Helen

        My beta came back 0

        1. brit16

          So sorry to hear about your negative beta results. Please don’t give up, you can still go on to have a baby! It is the worst feeling to get so excited about going through the process just to have your hopes crushed.

  43. Faye Wachs

    Just had my first IVF day 3 transfer on Saturday. Definitely, the waiting is the hardest part. I am 41, so it’s a long shot, but I just got married last year, and we did get pregnant the old fashioned way but lost the baby at nine weeks, so we decided to try IVF since we are almost out of time. Any thoughts on when it’s reasonable to test?

    1. brit16

      Sorry to hear that you lost a baby, that is the hardest thing to through. If you can be patient wait until around day 10 or so. If you are too anxious to wait, test earlier but make sure you expect to get a negative. The worst thing you can do to yourself is test early and then beat yourself up about not getting a positive. Good luck to you, I hope you will come back and share your results with everyone!

    2. denise

      i just did my transfer on the 16th i am also 41 but i had 7 folicals but only 5 fertilized so they put all 5 in im so scared i need to know now lol gl

  44. Polly

    It is helpful to read all the different experiences on this blog. I am 7dp5dt. I also tested this morning, and it showed negative. It was so disappointing! I’ve have been feeling fairly certain that I am pregnant, so this is hard. I’m trying to stay positive though. I will probably try in a few days. This is my first attemp, but it is so much to go through – emotionally and physically. Not too mention the expense, I’m not sure we could do it again. Praying to God that there is a little baby growing in my belly….

  45. hope1

    Reading these blogs is really helping me, feel like noone understands what I am going through battling this in my own head. I am 7dpt3dt. Took a bloodtest on day 6 of post transfer and it was negative. I am now really scared to take another test incase its negative. I am 32, and feel like im running out of time and want this so badly. Have my blood test on 29th :( please advise? My symtoms were bloating, cramping, blead after transfer and am on pesseries twice a day.

    1. brit16

      It is still really early, don’t get discouraged yet! Many people don’t get positive hpt test until about ten days post transfer. Try not to read too much into the symptoms; they are most likely caused by the progesterone you are taking. Good luck, come back and let us know how everything turns out for you!!

  46. hope1

    sorry i meant pregnancy test on day 6 not bloodtest.

  47. Kyles

    I’m 2nd iui 5 days till end 2ww so over the wait been acupuncture once a week x can I do urine test today. ?

    1. brit16

      How many days post transfer are you??

  48. hope1

    Its now day 9 post of 3 day transfer. Did a test yesturday and again negative, yest had news my sister inlaw got pregnant the conventional way after planning just 2 months, feel terrible but I couldnt even be genuinly happy for her, feel so down right now and very emotional. Feel so much pressure too from everyone to make it work. Should I do my test or not? If it’s negative there goes another day in my room crying.

    1. Tanya

      Not sure if I can judge by my feeling alone; but it most be some what natural to not be able to express genuine joy for other, while your going through this process and not seeing the results you’re hoping for! I myself have a baby shower to attend tomorrow, and all I want to do is ditch and curl up on my sofa!!

  49. hope1

    post embroy transfer day 9 of 3ET. Did pregnancy test, wierdest thing is before I always got a strong sharp blue negative line but today I made sure there was enough urine on stick and even then it was a blurred faint negative? Is this normal? I know negative is negative but is there any hope? Please advise I am going crazy.

  50. Tanya

    It is so encouraging to read all these success story; this really keeps hope alive! I am 8dpt5dt (FET), I have already PO3S…which have all shown the faintest of a positive line…..of course this is after staring on the thing for what seem like, all of 5 mins. So it is totally encouraging to see others with faint lines getting BFP. This is my 5th or 6th cycle…I have even lost count :)

  51. hope1

    not good news, post day 10 now of 3 day transfer of single emryo and again to my disapointment I have a negative pregnancy test result. Losing all hope now and feeling like a huge failure. Its constantly on my mind and my heart sinks everytime I do. Is there any point me doing my bloods on day 12?

    1. brit16

      Many people would have a positive by now, but some don’t. I heard about one lady that had a negative the morning of her beta blood test and then got a positive beta result! Don’t give up all hope, only the beta will tell you for sure.

  52. hope1

    thanks Brit,

    My hasband and I have started to accept that this is a failed attempt and we have to be strong and try again, however the whole im feeling inside me doesnt want to go away. I honestly did not think this was the mental impact it would have. Im devastated…….

    1. brit16

      The mental aspect is the hardest part of IVF. The shots and side effects are minimal compared to the ups and downs and anxiety that comes along the way. All I can really say, is don’t give up. It is all worth it in the end.

      1. hope1

        thank you……i cant give up. well thats what I keep telling myself.

  53. hope1

    have bloods on tuesday. will update when i know.

  54. Amelia

    Hey ladies,
    I am definately enjoying reading your posts and your blog. I did a day three transfer last Tuesday, 11-22. Today I had my progesterone test and it was at 18.5. From everything I have read, this is good, right? I am fighting the urge to take a hpt at all before I go in next Tuesday. I don’t want to be disappointed if it can be avoided. I look forward to hearing more from you ladies. It always helps to know I am not alone which is how I feel most of the time. We have been trying for 2.5 years and most of my friends that started at the same time are pregnant with baby # 2. So thanks in advance for listening.

    1. brit16

      I am glad you are finding by blog useful, I love to hear that it can help people through their journey. You are smart to try to wait to POAS. The longer you wait the less likely you will have a false negative, which can be heartbreaking. You are NOT alone!!! There are sooo many of us going through the same things you are, online communities are a great resource. Good luck to you!!! Hope you come back soon and share your IVF success story!

  55. hope1

    Had my blood tests yest and unfortunately it was negative as i suspected, i guess i was hoping for a miracle. Oh well, I have to now try again and wait for the dr to let me know when I can start 2nd treatment. :( As the 2nd time will be 2 frozen embryo’s i am worried that now I have an even lesser chance to get pregnant. If I couldnt make it work 1st time with fresh what chance do I have with frozen and they arent even Blast’s they are 3 day embryos! Any advise will be appreciated. …….

    1. brit16

      Sorry to hear about your negative. IVF is such an emotional rollercoaster. Jumping back in again will hep you get your mind off the negative. We did cycles about two months after each of our negative cycles and it really helped to get over the dissappointment. Just because you did not get pregnant with the blast does not give you any less of a chance to get pregnant with day 3 embryos. Many people get pregnant with day 3 embryos; we did twice! They both ended in miscarriage, but that had nothing to do with the fact that it was a day 3 transfer. Also, frozen transfers are great, they are much less stress on your body. Our little boy is from an FET so I am a little biased :). Good luck to you in the future, hope to be hearing from you when you get your positive!

  56. Liz

    It is so interesting to read all these questions and responses. Thank you. I am now 6dp3dt (two 8 cell but not perfect grade). I was hoping my Thanksgiving day transfer would turn into a positive but my gut is telling me no. My other 2 embryos didnt even make it to day 5 to be frozen. My Doctor requires the 2ww so my blood test is not until December 8. From what I gather in the blog most people with BFP have had positives with HPT by about 10 days post 3 day transfer. Would anyone say this is correct?

    1. brit16

      Try not to be negative, there is really no way to tell if it worked, other than a positive pregnancy test! You gut feeling could be wrong :). I would say yes, most people have their positive by around day 10, but not all. There is the occasional person who gets a negative all the way up to the day of their blood test, and then gets a positive beta. Most likely their embryos took a little longer than average to implant. Good luck to you, hope your Thanksgiving transfer turns out to be the blessing you are hoping for!

      1. Yolanda

        Hi Liz, i also on my 6dp5dt, also has 2 8cells and this waiting is getting to me but i am not going to do a hpt! i am not feeling like myself at all and then i think i might be pregnant but then something in the back of my mind tells me it is the medication i on……. do you know what the difference is in the 5dt and 3dt???

        1. brit16

          Try not to read too much into the symptoms, most likely they are the meds, but that does not mean you are not pregnant. Most women do not experience true pregnancy symptoms until around 6 or 7 weeks pregnant. Good luck to you!!! If you are wondering about 5dt or 3dt, then you may want to check this post out.

  57. Rachael

    I am so glad I found this site, the more and more I search there are so many people going through the same thing. I have really enjoyed reading all the posts and it puts a smile on my face :)

    Here is a little history about me I have PCOS and was told when I was 18 I could never have children (very disappointing to hear at that age). Anyway me and my DH have done 8 IUI’s and managed to fall pregnant once but miscarried at 10 weeks. This never let us down and we kept going, until a few months ago when we thought we were getting no where.

    We were told IVF was our only option left before egg donor and so forth. So we managed to get the funds together to do IVF. We had transfer done on the 27/11 with 1 A grade 8 blastocyst embryo.

    I am terrible at waiting and couldn’t help my self I did a HPT today at work of all places a got a positive but I am still unsure if I may have test too early. I am due to go in for bloods on this coming thursday.

    Any feed back thanks :)

    1. brit16

      You are right, there are sooo many of us out there! I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but IVF may be the answer to your prayers. If you are 8 days post transfer, which it sounds like you are, then that positive is a great sign!!!! There is no such thing as a false negative, unless you had an HCG injection. But even if you did, then it would be out of your system by now. Congrats! Hope you have a great pregnancy. Come back and update us after your beta test.

      1. Rachael

        Thanks Brit, I will let you know the outcome on Thursday.

        1. Rachael

          Hi Brit, just wanted to let you know that I got my tests results back and we are pregnant!!! yay can’t believe it after 7 very long years of trying.

          My HCG result was 194 is this good? and my progestrone levels were just under 100.

          1. brit16

            Yay!!!!! After 7 years, that is awesome, so happy to hear!!!! I don’t know how many days post transfer you are, but usually anything above 100 is considered to be great, your numbers seem to be right on track!

            If you would be intersted in sharing your story with my viewers, I would love to have it! If you are interested, please email me at brit16@suddenlink.net. If you would feel more comfortable after you get out of your first trimester, then I could hold on to it until then :). Hope you have a wonderfu pregnancy, thanks again for coming back and sharing the good news!

  58. sandy

    I need some advice. We are getting ready to do our first ivf cycle. We are using eggs from an experienced donor. She got over 50 eggs on her last cycle, so we expect lots of eggs, and hope for some great embryos. Here’s where I would like some advice. We will hopefully doing a 5 dt around Dec 12th. My clinic doesn’t do the first blood test until 14 days after transfer, regardless of 3 dt or 5 dt. If you do the math, you will see that that is Xmas weekend. My clinic is closed for blood tests the 25th – 29th. Should I push the clinic to do my test on the 23rd, 11dp5dt , or should I take an HPT ? When would you suggest an HPT? Again, this is a donor cycle so no HCG for me.

    1. brit16

      Wow, 50 eggs!!! I have never heard of someone getting this many eggs, you should have plenty of good embryos from a donor like that :). Your question is a really hard one to me. 11dp5dt is plenty far enough along to get accurate beta results. I would be likely to beg the clinic if I were you. The hard part is deciding if you would like to go into Christmas knowing the results (good or bad) or if you would like to enjoy your Christmas, then find out. This just depends on you. I would probably be anxious throughout Christmas, if I tried to wait. If you do wait for the beta after Christmas, then you could POAS sometime before that. Just try to wait as long as possible, so you don’t get discouraged over a negative that may be inaccurate. 10 or 11 days post transfer, most pregnancies can be detected using an hpt. Good luck to you!!! Please come back and let us know how things go.

      1. Sandy

        Thanks for your input. I have a good relationship with my nurse coordinator so I will at least ask If I can test early. Wow- this could be the best or worst xmas of our lives….. And for sure the most stressful. Btw- At my donors prior clinic, she had the 2nd highest count they had ever seen. My clinic has her on a more conservative protocol , but she still had 34 follicles at her 2 ultrasound.

        1. brit16

          Good luck, I hope it is a great Christmas for you!!! As for the donor, I think it is smart that they are being a little less aggressive with her. Even if you get around 20 eggs, that is more than enough. I only ever had 5-10 eggs on my 4 IVF cycles and got pregnant twice. I had miscarriages both times, but that had nothing to do with the egg count. Good luck!

  59. Rachael

    Hi Brit, I would love to share my story with you. I am going to wait until all is in the clear just to make sure.

    Thanks again you are doing a wonderful thing here giving hope to so many couples out there trying to get there little angle.

    I go for more bloods on this thursday and again the week after and than my very first ultrasound, me and my husband are so excited for that day to come. This would have to be the best early Christmas present ever.

    I will be in touch very soon :)

    1. brit16

      Thanks for the kind words! I really hope this blog can inspire couples, and let them know that they can have a baby. Hope all goes perfect with your first ultrasound. Please come back and update us again. I totally understand wanting to wait. When ever you are ready, just let me know. I have a hard time finding people who are willing to take the time to share. So, I would greatly appreciate it if you would :).

      1. Rachael

        Hi Brit, just an update got my results back from yesterday’s beta test and my levels are way over 2500 and I am 5 weeks pregnant. I hear that these are good numbers?

        I was a little freaked out this week as I had some spotting but was advised that is was normal in early pregnancy and that is it possibly from the baby implanting and the good thing is that it turned brown and now it is gone :)

        I couldn’t get my ultrasound until the 11th of January so I will come back to you after than.

        I would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

        1. brit16

          Hey Rachel, great to hear back from you. Your betas sound great! I can relate to the whole spotting thing. It is scary but as long as it is brown, things are usually ok. With our little boy, I had spotting on and off throughout the whole first semester. We found out later that I had a subchorionic hemmorhage. But our little boy was a fighter. The ironic thing is that I had no spotting with any of my miscarriages. Glad to hear all is well :).

          Thanks for the holiday wishes! I hope you have a great Christmas and new year as well!! Hope all looks perfect on your ultrasound the 11th, will be thinking of you.

        2. brit16

          Hey, just wondering how your ultrasound went??? Hope all is going well, good luck to you!

          1. Rachael

            Hi Brit, we had our scan done early as I had spotting and it was the best day ever we got to see the little heart beat it was amazing :)

            Unfortunately we had another scan 5 days later and it showed no heart beat we had lost our little miracle :(

            It was the hardest time of our life but we knew we had to keep going to get our dream.

            We have just had a FET done on the 30/3/12 5 day blastocyst, so once again the dreaded to 2ww is right before us. They we were really happy with our transfer as it thawed the same it was frozen.

            Thanks for checking in Brit and I will keep you posted xx

          2. brit16

            So sorry to hear about your miscarriage. That is what I am afraid of now. We saw the heartbeat last appointment and we go back tomorrow. Very nervous about there not being a heartbeat anymore. Did they have any ideas what happened?

            Hope this is the transfer for you!!! That is great that the thaw was a success, I am always worried about that as well. But I have had more success with frozen than fresh!

          3. Rachael

            Hi Brit,

            It’s been awhile since I have been back. But firstly congrats on the recent arrival of your baby boy, thank you I received your email :)

            I fell pregnant again and sadly missed carried again in April 2012. I had a very long rest as I needed to recover from the 2 losses I had within months of each other. I had to have some surgery just to make sure everything was good to go before my next round and it was, bloods were done and nothing came back abnormal :)

            Anyway I did another round of IVF and responded very well to treatment, we got 18 eggs and 11 fertilised and in the end 4 embryos were saved :). Unfortunately we were unable to proceed with a fresh transfer as I was admitted to hospital with a serve case of OHSS and ended up in Intensive care of a week.

            I had to wait a few months to recover and just had our third round of IVF, I’m currently in the middle of the horrid 2WW. I think I’m feeling the same but I am unsure as I have cramping again and I just feel it’s not going to work, just can’t wait for the blood test on the 20/02 fingers crossed :)

  60. firsttimeivf

    Hi, Can anyone give me some advice. We had IVF for the first time (we will get 3 free goes on the nhs). lots of eggs produced, but ended up with only 2 developing fully and being transferred last Monday (week ago) at 12.15. I’m due my period on 25th and usually get the ‘sticky sweats’ at night a few days or week or so before – and last night I had them. Know i shouldnt do a hpt (not until 29th dec doctors said), but did one this am and it was negative. I had no spotting either. Felt some mild cramping on tuesday, weds and thursday though – although could have imagined it. I don’t ‘feel’ preganant. Am so depressed. Had no eggs frozen (not enough) so will have to go through it all again. I’m so worried and emotionally deflated – spent the last 4 hours crying. I’m 33 (34 in March), he is 34 (35 in feb) – no other kids or no pregnancies to date. Been trying naturally for 2 years – no luck. Feel like I’m too old adn time is running out. Any advice greatly appreciated.

    1. brit16

      Hi firsttimeivf- Sorry that you are having to go through IVF, it sucks! If you are only a week past your transfer, then there is no reason to be discouraged about a negative blood test. Did you have a 3 or 5 day transfer done? That makes a bit of difference when considering when you should do an hpt test.

      Also, you really cannot go off of the way you are “feeling”. The hormones that you are on can cause similiar symptoms to your period, so can an early pregnancy. The only thing that will tell you for sure is your blood test. The fact that you had no embryos left over, does not really say anything about the ones that were transferred. We got pregnant twice off cycles that had no “left over” embryos. Good luck to you! Come back and let us know how things go!!

  61. Babbs

    I’m back! I am 9dp5dt, I put 2 embryos back in, started seeing faint lines 6dp5dt, still seeing faint lines, not getting any darker, coming up faster, but not getting dark and the digital said “not Pregnant” I don’t know if I should give up hope or not.

    1. Babbs

      and now I am bleeding, I have 4 frostie babies, I will move on to those little guys next….

      1. Babbs

        so I guess that’s a chemical pregnancy.

        1. brit16

          Sorry to hear you are bleeding, but bleeding does not always mean it is over. Are you spotting or bleeding heavy? I spotted with my little boy and not with my miscarriages. Have you had a beta blood test done yet?? The digital test are a lot less sensitive than the two line test, so it is hard to compare the two. Don’t give up until you have a negative blood test, there is still hope. Will be praying for you. Please update if possible.

          1. Babbs

            well, i am on a roller coaster! I was having faint lines all week last week, Wed negative on the digital and then started bleeding. Thursday Beta was 27! :( Bleeding stopped Friday after I passed a large clot on Thursday night. I tested Saturday morning to see if it would be white so I could stop the endometrin, well guess what? It came up fast and dark! SOOO Christmas morning I tested on the digital to a PREGNANT!!! I don’t know what to think, no more bleeding, but hoping it’s not tubal. My RE is closed today so I go in tomorrow (Tuesday) to see what my next Beta will be! I am terrified it’s tubal, but could it be SCH or lost twin? I hate this! Can not wait for tomorrow to see what in the world is going on in ute!

          2. Babbs

            well beta was 170 today! It exactly doubled! I go back in on thursday for another beta check and then they will schedule my ultra sound.

          3. brit16

            So great to hear!! I bled with my little boy and I never bled ahead of time with the miscarriages. So, bleeding isn’t always bad. I’m so happy for you, please come back and update us.

          4. Babbs

            Beta is at 97 today, it’s over, stopping meds…. heartbroken.

          5. brit16

            I’m so sorry to hear that it is over for you. I know exactly how you are feeling….we had three miscarriages before going on to have our little boy. It is much worse than just having a negative cycle. You get so excited…only to be crushed in the end. I hope you have the strength to continue trying, because you can go on to have a healthy baby.

            You may want to check out my post “after failed IVF“. Good luck to you in the future. I hope you will come back sometime and tell us that you are pregnant!

  62. Maddy

    Hi, I am so happy I found this website. I am 34, is my first Ivf, I had transfer a blastocyst XB AA,   5days embryo.  The transfer was on Monday January 23,  since then I been eating super healthy, no caffeeine, no chocolate, no alcohol, ..
    My pregnancy blood test is on Thursday February 2nd. 
    The past 3 days I am feeling cramps, and breast very tender. I also feel tired and I sleep more than usual.  I am sooo nervous, today I did hpt at 4am and was negative :( I am feeling very sad.
    Still there a hope that I could be pregnant?

    1. brit16

      Welcome!!! It sounds like you are 7 days post a 5 day transfer…… if that is correct, then yes there is still hope!! Many women do not test positive until around 10 days post transfer. It all depends on where your hormone levels are at. Some women’s rise quicker or higher than others. Good luck to you!!! Try not to worry about any symptoms or lack of symptoms… they are typically caused by the progesterone at this point.

      Hope to hear back from you soon!

      1. Tracey

        I know the 2ww is HORRIBLE!!! But there is most definitely still a chance! It was all I could do to stay away from the HPT. I’d rather wait and know definitively w/the blood work. GOOD LUCK!!!

  63. Tracey

    Well this is my 4th (maybe 5th, I’ve tried not to keep track) round of IVF. My “semi-happy” round in October my beta level came back with 26. Raised up to 36 and then dropped. I looked at is as “I can get prego” and kept on trucking. I ALWAYS bleed the morning of beta day, just my wonderful luck! Regardless as to if it’s 13/15 days post transfer. Grrrrr

    Well today I was due for my beta 15dp3dt and no bleeding this morning!!!! Came back with a beta of a whopping 718!!! YAAAA HOOOO!! Second is Wed, praying for that 1436!

    1. brit16

      That is great news, congrats!!! I hope you will come back and update us with your beta. We went through 6 cycles before finally having our little miracle, so I know what you have been through. Sorry to hear about your chemical pregnancy. Once you have your baby in your arms, it will just seem like a bump in the road. If you are interested in sharing your story with my viewers, I would greatly appreciate it :). I have a hard time finding people who are willing to share. Hope you have a great pregnancy!

      1. Tracey

        Ok well today my level is 1560!!!! So far so good! I have to go back in on Friday for another level and again on Monday for blood and sono! I think the hubby will be coming with me on Monday for the sono so we can see if everything is where it’s supposed to be and if there is more than one (yikes!)

        I’m super excited, but trying like heck to keep my head out of the clouds. It’s soooo hard. That whole “what if…” scenario really sucks!

        I’ll start figuring out all my “share my story stuff.” I have no problem sharing if it helps even just one person make it through. The whole thing is soooo stressful.

        1. brit16

          Just checking in with you, hope the sono went great!!! Your betas sound perfect! Thanks so much for being willing to share, look forward to hearing from you soon.

          1. Tracey

            Well, I’m at 8 weeks 3 days today. Heard the heartbeat on the 23rd. What an awesome experience! Another sono this Thursday. So far so good! :o)

  64. Melissa

    Hi Everyone,

    You have been a source of comfort for me here today. I am 13 dpt (donor cycle) and I did a hpt today and it was negative. This is our sixth round total (3rd with donor eggs). I am so sad. I got pregnant once before but miscarried. The hpt was positive that time before my beta. Are all pregnancies different in that regard? Could I still be pregnant this time? Help!

    1. brit16

      All pregnancies are different and there is still a chance for you! With every passing day the chances get slimmer, but I have seen people get a negative the morning of their beta and end up with a positive at time of beta!!! Good luck to you. Sorry you have had to go through sooo much, I know how you feel. Sometims it seems like it will never happen, but it will. I hope you will come back and update us.

  65. staceytxdc

    Hi! All,
    I’m in my 2ww after my first IVF cycle. I was NOT prepared for how difficult this time would be. I have bought 2 books and found numerous websites to research what is happening in my body! Thanks for a great forum, this one seems to have a lot of the info I am seeking.
    I had two 5-day embryos transferred last Sun (1/29/12) . Because, I’m NOT very good at waiting, I have taken a HPT every morning since 3 days post transfer. For the last 2 mornings they have been positive. Faint line, but def there. That is 5 and 6 days post transfer, and they were NEG before. So am I right in thinking that this is a good sign? Since they had been NEG before, am I right in assuming that it is not from the trigger shot?

    any thought would be greatly appreciated!

    I go for my Beta test Tues 2/7

    1. brit16

      As long as it went negative and then turned positive, it is a great sign!! Congrats to you, and thanks for the kind words about my site. Good luck with your beta, I hope you will come back and let us know how it goes.

      1. staceytxdc

        Hi Brit,
        I had my Beta this morning and it came back 109! I’m so excited; but still feel worried that it could be down at the next draw……it seems that on this IVF roller coaster…….we move from one worry to another.
        But I’m truely Blessed! and that is what Im choosing to focus on right now. Thanks

        1. brit16

          Great news, so glad to hear!!! Your right it is one worry after another, but it is all worth it in the end :). Try to relax as much as possible and enjoy being preggo. Hope to hear updates soon!

          1. staceytxdc

            Well the Roller Coaster continues ……. and it seems to be on a DOWNWARD path. Had my second BETA this am, with expectations of it to double from the 109 it was Tuesday (2/7). It went up just not a lot. It was 129.
            My Doctor says not to give up, that it is about 50% chance that everything is still ok, and i have to test again Saturday. This is sooooooooo hard NOT to spend 24 hours a day worring about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Just feel like i need to prepare myself and my Husband for the worse???????

          2. brit16

            Sorry to hear that you are having to go through beta hell!!!! I have been there twice. I wish I had a good outcome to share with you, but I don’t. Both of my beta hell experiences ended in a miscarriage. What I can say is that I have seen other people with unusual beta outcomes go on to have healthy pregnancies, I pray you are one of them!! Good luck with your beta tomorrow. You may want to read this story, she had some wierd beta results and went on to have a healthy baby.

          3. staceytxdc

            Hi again,
            sorry to say that my beta hell……. did NOT have a happy ending. the follow up was down to 53 so we stopped all meds. Shock has worn off a bit now, and we went in this morning to our Doctor for our follow up appointment after “FAILED” ivf…….(as if we need to be reminded that we have FAILED) lol! anyway, luckily we have 2 frozen embryos that we will transfer asap. In the meantime; i’m reading Baby Dust…….it has helped me. So to anyone out there that has had to go through miscarriage……highly recommend. Thanks again for a great forum!

          4. brit16

            So sorry to hear that you had to go through beta hell! I have been there twice and it sucks! To me it is the worst outcome you can have in an IVF cycle. To think you have success, only to find out “getting pregnant” doesn’t always mean you will have a baby to hold. The good thing is that you can get pregnant and if you continue trying you will have a miracle child just like we did. Good luck on your FET!!!!

  66. Stunt_Boy76

    Hi everyone. I am 13days post transfer on first isci cycle. I have been having various “symptoms” for over a week now and haven’t really been too caught up in the “am I aren’t I” debate as nurse explained crinone gel would mimic pregnancy symptoms. But today I have to leave work as I suddenly felt so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open, then my nose switched on and I could smell everyone and everything around me. As a result I threw up. Of course I then got excited and bought a home test but it was negative. Beta test is tomorrow morning so even though I am still in disappointment mode as insist here and type this, I am still holding out some hope that tomorrow’s test could still be positive.
    Thanks so much for all your stories as they have helped ease my runaway mind.

    1. brit16

      Sorry for the negative hpt test. Do you mind me asking what type you used? The early detection test typically come back positive by this point (but not always!) but the digital test (the ones that say pregnant / not pregnant) are a lot less sensitive and are not typically positive until after a missed period. Good luck to you!! I hope the throwing up was a good sign!

  67. Julie

    Hi Everyone!! I am a surrogate who is on my second journey. I am 5dp5dt, and I am so wanting to take a HPT. The couple who I am working for has gone through 3 other surrogate’s who were unsuccessful. I was a surrogate for their brother which produced the cutest little boy! I am so hopeful for them and I am anxious because I don’t want them to have to wait any longer……I have a hpt here and it is taking all my strength not to use it. Do you think maybe tomorrow or Wednesday is too early? I did have some nausea this morning and I just have this overwhelming feeling that I am pregnant! Fingers crossed and baby dust to all!!

  68. Cuddles

    Am 14 days post the embryo transfer. Got my Beta tomo Morning, did a HPT today & showed negative. Am i going to get a positive beta tomo, is there even a faint chance? Haven’t come across any successful story similar to this on your blog, people tested negative on their HPT S on their 13th, 14th, 15th days & got a big fat negative on d day of d beta too……..have done 4 icsi cycles, one miscarraige in d 5th month wid d 1st icsi cycle. Already losing hope, ….

    1. Mrs_Stewart

      Dont lose hope!! I have heard of people having a neg HPT the morning of the Beta and then blood results are POSITVE! Stay positive :-) And good luck

  69. Mrs_Stewart

    I love this site. It is so inspiring. Hubby and i have been trying for 7 years and we are on our 2ww for our 1st ICSI cycle. We got 10 eggs, 9 of which were eligible. 7 of the 9 fertilized and 2 were transferred. We are just waiting on the test which is a week on Friday.

    Im contemplating taking a home Preg test, although i dont know when i could take it??

    1. brit16

      Thanks for the kind words about my site; it is always great to hear that it is really helpful to people. Good luck with your beta Friday!!! How many days post transfer are you? If you do an hot just know that it could still be too early. Hope to hear back from you soon.

      1. Mrs_Stewart

        I had my 3day transfer only 5 days ago so still a wee while to wait. Its just constantly on my mind, has it worked, if not why?? Its easy staying positive although every now and again then negativity creeps in. To be honest though hubby and i were told way back at the beginning it would never happen and we made it to this stage, for which we are grateful :-)

  70. Susana

    Good morning everybody! Last night on 13 dpo I had lost hope but reading all your stories made me hopeful again. Thing morning I cried after I saw my first positive ever!!! After surgery, 2 ivfs on my first FET and 7 years married. Big kisses to all and if even I can get pregnant, Pocs mild endo, then you can too :)

    1. brit16

      Great news!!! Thanks so much for sharing. If you would like to share your story with my viewers I would love to have it. Hope you have a great pregnancy!!!

  71. Babbs

    I’m back, I just won’t give up :)

    I had my transfer on Feb 20th, this is a FET cycle. I transfered 2 beautiful blast. I started testing morning of 4dpt, it was negative, no biggie. That night shadow on a generic brand, didn’t think much of it, blue dye test are the worse. The morning of 5dpt FRER got a line, a nice line, no squinting, it’s a real line and has gotten darker. Of course my beta isn’t until March 5th! I hate waiting :) I am happy though. Hopefully this is my sticky baby!

    1. brit16

      Great news Babbs!!! The waiting sucks, but I am happy you were able to get a early positive, that’s a great sign!!!! We are transferring two blast this Wednesday, so we are just a bit behind each other. Aren’t FETs great compared to IVF?! Hope to hear some great betas from you.

  72. Babbs

    So much easier, a breeze actually!
    Good Luck! I will keep checking in to see where you are!

  73. Wanda

    Hi everyone, im testing tomrrow and it is very scary. I did a hpt on friday and it said pregnant :) wich was my day 10. Hoping for a positive tomorrow……

    1. brit16

      Sounds like you are preggo!! Good luck with your test tomorrow, hope you will come back and let us know how it goes.

      1. Wanda

        Ok just got the call, my nurse said it wa a positive but my beta was low 9 :( is there something i can do to get it to go up??

        1. brit16

          Sorry but there is nothing you can do other than pray it goes up. How many days post transfer are you??? I had two pregnancies that had somewhat low betas, but I am sorry to say that they did not turn out good. But there is a lady who shared her story with us that had crazy betas and she went on to have a healthy child. You might want to check out her story. She did not start with low betas, but they did not double as they should have. Praying it goes up….when will you go back?

          1. Wanda

            Today would be my day 14. I go back on friday. Lots of praying.

          2. brit16

            Will be praying for you!!!!

  74. Babbs

    Good Luck tomorrow Brit!!!

    1. brit16

      Thanks!!! Praying 2 embies thaw out nicely, don’t want to have to use all of our embies at once!!!!

    2. brit16

      Thanks! All went well, transferred two perfect blast :).

  75. Wanda

    Awww thanks

  76. shameela

    Hi all, this is my first ivf cycle, I have a daughter which we concieved naturally, who is 2 now. We are in our 2ww.. Had a 5dt last saterday of 2 embryos. I’m nervous and excited and have a whole lot of mixed emotions. Please help.. My beta is scheduled for the 7th of march, don’t know if I can wait anymore… When can I do a hpt? I got my integral shot 2 days ago. Thank you so much for this blog. Its really encouraging reading everyone stories. Good luck to all:-)

    1. brit16

      Hi! We are not too far apart. I just transferred two blast yesterday ;). I hate to say when you can do an hpt because different people get positives at different times. My beta levels were VERY high with my little boy and I got a very light positive at 5dp5dt (this is what you are today), but that is not normal for most people. Most people start getting positives around 10dp5dt (some earlier … some later). All I can say is that if you decide to go ahead and start testing just know it is likely to be negative but that it is not accurate yet. Do not be discouraged of any negative test this early on. When was your first little one born? My little boy will be two
      March 23 :).
      Ok, so I just went back and re-read your post and noticed that you mentioned getting an integral shot???? Never heard that term before, is this an HCG booster shot? If so, then you can not take a hpt any time soon. HCG shots take days to get out of your system and would give you a false positive. Thanks for the kind words about my blog!!! So glad to know that I can be helpful to others.

  77. Jessica

    Hi Ladies! I am also in the dreaded 2ww. I’ve loved reading all of these stories and am hoping for the best for everyone on here since I know how truly hard and emotionally draining this is! We conceived our first child naturally after a year of trying. We’re on our journey for number 2 and found out that my husband has low everything. Did 3 IUIs – all negative. 1st IVF had 21 eggs retrieved, transferred one perfect 5 day blast – negative. 2nd IVF had 18 eggs retrieved, transferred two perfect 5 days blasts – still negative. Had our first FET with 1 perfectly thawed 6 day blast on Monday the 27th, so I am 3dp the transfer right now and it is way too early to test. My clinic won’t do a beta until March 12th, so it won’t be until 14 long days after the transfer. I know I won’t make it that long without POAS though. Don’t know how I’ll take seeing another negative pee stick, so going to try holding out as long as I can. Good luck, everyone!

  78. Richie

    Hi all,

    I have been reading several forums and have come across this one. It is good to read the positive outcomes and heart wrenching to read those that arent.

    My wife just had some brown discharge. It is now day 12 since a 5db and as a result of the discharge she decided to have a HPT. It turned up negative, so I have been going through these forums looking for hope in someone elses story in which under the same circumstances they had a positive outcome.

    I truley feel for you all, I have seen what my wife has gone through and will wish you all positivfe outcomes.

  79. RaeShel Peck


    Tell your wife not to give up hope! My last pregnancy I was about 15 days out from a FET (5day blasto…2 transferred) and 3-4 days away from an ultra sound when I started spotting brown discharge! I freaked out. I had a positive beta but I was sure I was losing the pregnancy. At the ultrasound I had one sac with a heartbeat and one with no heartbeat. I spotted brown discharge for a few weeks after that off and on. Wound up with a beautiful baby boy 9 months later. Brown means nothing…could be left over blood from implantation that just hadn’t been expelled yet!………LOTS of reasons…don’t give up hope!

  80. RaeShel Peck

    Hey all…just wondering if anyone has any info on how long you have to wait AFTER a negative beta to have FROZEN embryos transferred again. DO we have to have a period and start the shots all over again or can they just transfer 2 more right away while my lining is thick thick thick??? I have 5 more frozen embryos…..

    Just to give some hope to all of those out there….with our 1st round of fresh IVF we got 15 PERFECT embryos…they froze 13 and placed 2…I got my 1st boy….2nd try was a FET and they had to unfreeze 6 to get 2 perfect ones and we got our 2nd son out of that round. This next try they only had to unfreeze 2 to get 4AA quality embryos and I just had my transfer last Tuesday. I figure odds are it won’t work this time…although I am now experiencing a heavy feeling in my uterus and round ligament pain when I try to stand too quickly….fingers crossed!

    So IVF has been a miracle. Had a friend that tried a fresh cycle 5 times…with no luck and then did a FET with 2 of the 4 she had frozen and now she has twin girls!

    Keep the faith!


    1. brit16

      Congrats on your miracles!!!! As far as the waiting goes, you do have to wait for your lining to shed and build back up again. They don’t want to transfer embryos into an “old” lining. We usually laid off for one month and then started right back up. But hopefully you won’t have to worry about that! Thanks so much for sharing positive stories with us. Would you be interested in sharing your story with my viewers???? I have a hard time finding people who are willing to take the time to share, but I know it means sooooo much to people still trying for their first. Here is the page that has questions I usually have people answer….. Share My Story…. but they are just a guide you can add anything you would like. Thanks for considering and I hope this is the cycle for you!!!

      1. RaeShel Peck

        I would LOVE to share my story…BTW…for all of you unable to wait for a HPT….I had the transfer on Tuesday 2/28..tested at home on Thurs…negative (NOT worried)…SAT…negative (NOT worried) and MON…POSITIVE!!!!!! Had my beta test this last Thursday 3/8 and my level was at 320..Doctors think it’s multiples!!!!! Now it’s a waiting game to see if numbers double and what the US tells us!!!!!!

        Kinda’ worried b/c I was diagnosed with a blot clot problem with my 2nd son…turns out pregnancy hormones cause me to get blood clots in my lungs. Now in addition to all the shots for IVF I get to give myself 2 extra shots each day! YIPPIE!!!!

        Hears hoping it keeps us safe!

        Will write again when I get the US results!


  81. dani

    hi all – i hate this waiting bit! my partner and i have had 4 previous iui’s only one successful but ended in miscarriage week 12. this is our 1st ivf. we had 2 day 5 transfers 8 days ago. have been told to test on day 11 but am soo tempted to test earlier than that – any thoughts?? we arent offered a blood test through our clinic. we have a 2 yr old so we know we are already very lucky but it has been a long journey to try and make a sibling for him. wishing you all the very best of luck xx

    1. brit16

      Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I can’t imagine making it all the way to 12 weeks to end up with a miscarriage. We suffered through three of them, but they were all pretty early (the farthest we got was about 8 weeks). You can test a little earlier than that, just know that if it is negative, you are not out of it yet. If you think you will be discouraged about an early negative, then you should probably wait. Good luck!!!!

  82. Carrie

    Hi ladies
    Ok this is so hard. I am 6dp6dt which was last Monday. It is taking all my might to not poas. I almost cracked and bought them today but decided I didn’t have the strength to see a negative. I lost my daughter this past may at 40 weeks while in labor due to a cord accident. It has been a very tough road. After 4 iui’s I moved on to ivf. I am 43 so I feel very challenged. I had 26 retrieved 21 fertilized and 11 sent for pgd (acgh micro array) testing. Only one came back normal and on day 5 they said he (yes one of the emerita of that test is you know the gender) was a cavitating blast and they wanted to wait one more day to transfer. That was a long night but in the am the dr called and said lets transfer him. Now on pins and needles. Reading your posts have helped me a lot today. My beta is set for Thursday. I am definitely having pregnancy/progesterone symptoms but my instinct tells me it didn’t work. It’s such a delicate fence to balance on between hope and reality.
    Thanks for listening.

    1. brit16

      I am so sorry to hear about you losing your daughter….. I can’t imagine how you move forward after something like that. Praying that your little embryo is the one!!! I am having “symptoms” as well, but I have to keep reminding myself that they don’t really mean anything one way or another. Praying that Thursday is a great day for you!!!! Please come back and let us know how it goes.

  83. M1nty

    Hi all

    Reading your comments has been really encouraging and knowing that I’m not the only person going through this has definately helped. I am having IVF and had two 3 day embryos transferred on 25th Feb and don’t have the blood test until 12 March. I’m finding it so hard not to do a test and am doing everything I can to keep occupied but its practically impossible. The main problem with us is my husbands sperm and we tried IUI a few times but it didn’t work. We took a break from treatment and went on holiday and by some miracle I came back pregnant. Unfortunately I miscarried only 10 days later and after another IUI we decided that we wanted to go for IVF. I think we have a good chance but this whole process of trying to start a family and being constantly disappointed wears you down to the point that you don’t expect a good result. My husband described it like being in jail and just waiting for your release date. We have 7 fertilised eggs & 6 eggs frozen but I wonder if this doesn’t work how I will find the strength to go on. When do you think I can do a pregnancy test? The idea of waiting for the blood test and then waiting a further 2 hours for the result is stressing me out. I’ve had some slight cramping and last night a really strong cramp which lasted for about 3 minutes. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. xx

    1. M1nty

      Sorry, embryo transfer was 24th Feb x

    2. brit16

      Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. The ups and downs of IVF are so tough, but just remember that it will all be worth it in the end. When you look back, infertility will just seem like a bump in the road. You could do a hpt now and get a positive, but if you get a negative don’t be discouraged it is still pretty early. If you don’t want to test early you could test right before you go in for your beta, that way you will have an idea of the results before you have to sit and wait. (Most people will get a positive by then, but I have heard of a few that get a negative just before beta and end up being pregnant.) Good luck to you!!!! Also, the cramping can be a good sign, try not to read into it too much :).

  84. Clare

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to share my story, I’m 9dpt of a 3dt. This is my 2nd cycle of IVF and I’ve caved in and done a HPT with a digital ClearBlue test and it said ‘pregnant 1-2’ I now daren’t believe its true! Maybe its too early?? This 2ww is driving me bonkers, noticing every little twinge!! I wish everyone on here all the very best of luck, it’s a great site xx

    1. brit16

      No this is not too early! (some people don’t get positives til later, but a positive is a positive!) Congrats, we got a positive with my little one at 5dp5dt, which would be two days before where you are. The 2ww can drive you nuts, but atleast you have your positive!!!!

      1. Clare

        Thanks Brit, you’ve been so kind and reassuring to all us ladies in waiting! What a great blog/site you have, it’s perfect for all our questions and so nice to know i’m not alone and feeling like this!! Take care :-)

        1. brit16

          Thanks for the kind remarks about my site, really appreciate it!! Good luck to you. Are you in the middle of a cycle at the moment?

  85. Caroline

    Hi there,

    I’m 7 days post transfer (5 day blast), and I’ve been in a big mess because of the hpt.
    I did one last night (6 days post transfer) and thought I saw the faintest of lines. I’m not sure if I was imagining it though.
    I took one again at lunchtime today and again, I thought I saw the faintest of lines but I think it’s all in my head. It’s really hard to know.
    I’m tempted to keep testing all day long – it’s making me feel crazy!
    What do you think I should do?

    1. brit16

      Hi, typically ANY line is a positive as long as there is really one there :). Usually your urine has the highest amount of hcg first thing in the morning. If I were you I would wait til the morning, test again, if you see a line again, I would say you are preggo!!! Good luck to you. Try to think of something else the rest of the day, I know it is easier said than done :).

  86. samar

    hey every one
    i ‘m on day 6 post transfer i did hpt it gave negative ,is too early?i ‘m worried can anybdy help me with more info .i had pain in my lower back .i had a 1 successful pregnancies from 4 months go and i miscarried i’m worried ???????/

  87. Grace

    Hi, today is day 10 days after 3 day embryo transfer and I tested negative on urine digital test today . This is my first ivf but have done 4 iui’s and one iui with fsh which I got preg with my son aged 2 now.. I have tried fsh twice but hasn’t worked so now ivf and I can feel my heart breaking each day as I do a preg test…as hormone should be in my blood stream by now? I feel as if I’m about to get my periods any second I can hear the trickle of water works in my stomach as an indication periods on the way! Also periods pains are unreal…. Do you get ur periods can anyone tell me if ur on progesterone suppositories ?? Do you have to wait till u stop taking them for periods to arrive? Thanks, angel issy :-))

    1. brit16

      Digital test are not NEAR as sensitive as the “two line” test. I have always heard that the First Response Early Detection (FRED) are the best. It should be in your stream by now, but it may not be high enough to be detected via the test. If I were you I would trying testing with the test mentioned above. Good luck to you!!!!

      Sometimes period type pains is a sign of implantation, so you cannot read too much into symptoms. The progesterone does keep you from bleeding and can also give you period like symptoms. Hope to hear some good news from you soon!

      1. Grace

        Thanks Brit really appreciate ur response , feeling really down was sick today with really bad migraine but will get that test you mentioned in morning, 2moro is day 11 . I have blood test on Monday feel like cancelling it! Will let you know how it goes…Tks

      2. Grace

        I did first response test today with 2 lines and got negative, today day 11 and I also started bleeding today bright red…. Feel as if my world has ended! Beta Monday morning at 9am , day 15 cause day 14 falls on sunday, just feel so upset… I am the only one in my family that can’t seem to get pregnant easily my sister’s just have to say to themselves hmm think I’ll get pregnant and voila their pregnant following month…just feeling crap everyone sorry.. :-((((

        1. brit16

          So sorry to hear that!! I know it feels like everyone is getting pregnant so easily (these are all normal feelings)…..just remember that there are many many people out there just like you and I. The bad thing is that we know everyone who is getting pregnant (it is pretty obvious :)) We typically have no clue about the people around us who aren’t getting pregnant. I think most people would be suprised how many of us there really are! Don’t give up, keep trying and you will have success!

  88. Lizette

    We had our 1st IVF on 23 February 2012 and did my bloodtest on yesterday Monday 6 March. It is negative or it must be 100 and mine are 19. I have no bleeding at all and no negative symptoms, is it possible that it still can be Positive, or can the IVF be negative without bleeding, where are my embrio’s then? It was trasfer on day 5(perfect blasts) and Monday was 12 days after inplantation.

    1. brit16

      I just read your email before I read your comment, so I replied to you via email. “19” is not really a negative, just a low positive. I’m sorry to say that it could go either way, but don’t give up hope!! When do you go in for another test?

  89. Jessica

    AHHHHHHH!!! Got a BFP this morning :). I am 10dp5dt – 1st FET after 2 failed fresh rounds of IVF. I know it will be a long road still until we have another little one, but I literally can’t stop smiling after seeing that beautiful dark second line this morning. Beta moved up to tomorrow. Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed!

    1. brit16

      Congrats!!! That’s great news. We got a positive hpt as well, but I have a hard time getting excited yet, knowing everything we have been through in the past. I don’t actually have my beta scheduled yet, calling in a minute to do that :). Kind of wish they would let me come in tomorrow although I would only be 9dpt. Praying for a great beta for you!!! :)

      1. Jessica

        Thanks, Brit! Congrats on your postive!! Praying for a high beta for you as well :)! Trying to push down any negative thoughts that pop into my head and focus on that dark line.

    2. Grace

      Great news Jessica, so good to hear other people’s success stories… You keep smiling you deserve to.. :-)))

  90. Donna

    Hi girls,
    This is my first time writing on here.
    I have so far had one IUI which didn’t work and egg collection for me was not an option due to my low levels so we have had the most beautiful person donate to us. We had 5 eggs fertilise but one was not good enough to freeze and was discarded. On day 3, three were frozen and a fresh implanted. I fell pregnant and had a great scan with awesome heartbeat and sac and position looking great. Then two blood tests confirmed I had lost the preg as my hcg dropped dramatically and then dropped dramatically again and on new years day I miscarried in my 9th week.
    I am now 5dpt using one of our little snow-babies. We have 2 left.
    So far, no symptoms or signs of anything where as last time I did have implantation cramping. Nothing this time. I know it is only 5 days but gee, this is tough.
    It is always so great to hear of other peoples dreams finally becoming reality. For others, well, reality is such a bummer!! Having said that, I am a strong believer in smiling and being positive. Good energy has to be better for you! Otherwise, I guess I would go crazy cakes!!!!

    1. brit16

      So sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Do they have any idea why everything looked great and you miscarried anyway???? We have been through three miscarriages and there were always indications early one….slow heartbeat, small sac, unusual beta levels, etc.

      Don’t give up, if you keep trying it can and will happen for you!! You can be pregnant and not feel anything, especially this early on!! The feelings you had last time could have even been from the drugs and not the actual pregnancy. Good luck, hope to hear some good news soon!

  91. Anna

    nhpt at 9dp3dt – thoughts?

    1. brit16

      Still early, don’t get down yet!! Hope to hear some good news soon!

  92. Amber

    I am 6 days past a 5 day blast transfer. I have tested negative today after hearing people getting positives by now I caved in and tested.
    Is it still too early and shall I now stay away from sticks and wait until my clinic say test on the 15th which will be 11 days. Is there still hope??

    1. Tonia

      Amber, I am in the same boat with you. i am also 6 days past a 5 day blast transfer and also go a negative pregnancy test response today. i have read that it could be too early and not to get discouraged. It is very hard to stay positive but i’m trying. I have been having the worst dreams about not being pregnant. My mind is so messing with me right now. I haven’t been sleeping well at all and to some extent not getting much sleep because my mind is racing so much. I wish you luck and all the women out there who have infertility issues the best of luck…

      much love and send you positive preggo vibes your way

  93. carolyn

    Hi Girls,

    So I have been reading these sites for weeks now after receiving a “2nd” day transfer. 6 eggs were retrieved, 4 injected (icsi) and 2 fertilized. This is my first time on this particular site and I have to say it was the most “positive” I have come across. I have just turned 40 yrs old and my husband and I have been trying for 6yrs. This is our first cycle and I am on my 15th day post transfer. My blood test is tomorrow and I have not tested until today. I even bought the test yesterday and managed to wait until this morning to test. I had 1 little show of spotting on day 8 and that was it. I am happy to say it came back positive!! My husband wasn’t home at the time, so I went and got another one just to be sure and it was also positive!! I am hoping for a good beta tomorrow. The journey of these emotions is crazy and so hard to explain to people, so I thank you for this site! Fingers crossed!!!

  94. Jaclin

    Ok…I swore I would stay off of these sites forever and here I am again…I’m in the 2ww…again….and have a feeling it didn’t work. At times, I feel like it it did, but then I go back to feeling it didn’t. Here is our story:

    *Married in 2005…
    *Laporoscopy Jan 2006 done to see why I never got pregnant during my first marriage…woke up to my horrible OB/GYN telling me I had Stage IV Endo and would never have children on my own…nice, huh?
    *Met with RE in 2007…went to start IVF and they found a fibroid…
    *Surgery Jan 2008 to remove 3 fibroids and a polyp…removed as much endo as he could…after 8hrs, they said he couldn’t do any more for me…lol too much scar tissue. Removed a lot though and tubes are damaged beyond repair.
    *Finally went through IVF in Jan 2009 and put 2 beautiful embies in. Waited till BETA and got a Positive 254 :o) Ultrasound showed 2 babies :o) Both ended up boys :o)
    *Perfect pregnancy, nothing unusual……until 21wks 5days. While asleep, woke up to fluid….like I was peeing. No pain, etc…just kinda orange looking. Went on to work and called doc. They called on my way home and told me to get to the ER ASAP.
    *I get there and I am dialated at a 2. After high risk doc shows up, US shows Baby A’s (on bottom) sac had ruptured and I was leaking amniotic fluid.
    *Was told will stay in hospital until 30wks.
    *On June 16, started having horrible pains come and go….figured them out to be contractions. Didn’t tell anyone for 2 days.
    *2 days later at 22wks 2days, I couldn’t take it anymore….was told my body had produced an infection on its own and I was dialated at an 8.
    *Rushed to L&D and after 12hrs, Angel was born….he died 2hrs later.
    *Baby B would not turn, and due to infection in my body, he had to be born. ER-Csec 4hrs later and Matthew was born. I heard him cry. He died 2hrs later.
    *Diagnosed with Incompetent Cervix.
    *They are buried together not far from our home.
    *3 frozen leftover…..2 put in and I had a chemical during Thanksgiving 2009….lost those 2.
    *Last one put in March 2010…BFP!!!! Miscarried at 5wks 6dys on April 1…nice day huh? Ended up having a D&C on April 6 due to continued bleeding.

    Just went through IVF#2 fresh egg transfer on March 5…BETA set for this Thursday March 15. Took HPT yesterday and Negative :o( So I guess that was 6dp5dt.

    I have diminished ovarian reserve I guess since my count is low….level is 1.4 and I am only 35. This time around, 7 eggs taken….4 mature….3 fertilized with ICSI…on Day 3, they said they were slow at 5 cells. Day of transfer, only 1 made it with Assisted Hatching.

    It is hard to hold hope anymore. The stress is killing me and I was so close before with our sons. I am the only hope for my parents to have grandkids and my time has just about run out…medically and financially.

    Good luck everyone and know that you are not alone in this battle.

    1. Jaclin

      I guess I could give my symptoms now too:
      *Kinda sore BBs off and on…probably due to Prometrium, Vivel patch and Crinone 8% gel. Also do the 1 baby aspirin a day and prenatal vits.
      *Cramps for a couple of days…like AF…pretty much stopped now
      *Twinges here and there
      *Burping a lot for a couple of days
      *Getting my PMS symptoms I usually get before AF: bad migraines off and on; BP seems to have dropped a couple of times and makes me very dizzy and lightheaded….goes away after 30min or so (don’t have any BP problems).
      *No bleeding, as meds I’m on stop it pretty much.

      I got some cramping during the first IVF but nothing else…no PMS, etc…Now, I’m getting everything like normal.

      At the ET, they were not very hopefull. They told me to stay positive and hope for the best. Welllllllllll…kind of hard when we felt like it was written all over their faces.

      I’m trying to stay positive, thinking this 1 embie made it to transfer day for a reason…but my body is telling me something else.

      Anybody with similar symptoms, get a BFP? Just looking for a glimmer of hope. I have one HPT left and not sure when to try it.

      1. Jaclin

        Took an ERPT this morning at 4a when I got up for work….negatory it said :o( 1 stupid line. I am 8dp5dt. I have my BETA on Thursday. Hoping for a miracle and maybe, since it was a slow divider, then it will be a late implanter and just low HCG levels.

        1. Kerry

          Jaclin, I just read your story about yourboys, I am so sorry, that would be horrible to go through, I am also 35 & apparently we are still young, my Doc also told me I shouldn’t take any hpt as they usually show positive because of the drugs, we have been trying for 7 years & it is killing us, last cycle just recent I convinced myself, my husband & my sisters I was pregnant, I really thought I was, it’s really hard waiting for those 2 weeks for your pregnancy test, it really does your head in, we just need to some how keep busy & try not to think about it, it’s hard but we have to, good luck again Hun x

  95. Kerry

    Hi everyone, wow I am really scared, I am due for my blood test tomorrow, I
    Have had 2 embryos put back d3, this is our 3rd fresh cycle but have had a few phpt, I have been taking them since d7, I am now day 13 & it’s Tuesday, my last phpt was Sunday just gone, but i also got a negative & a positive last Friday, I promised myself I wouldn’t take anymore hpt because if was doing my head in, but I couldn’t help myself today, I did 3 more hpt & were all negative, I am shattered, I have had cramps & bloating & have never had this before, I am 35 & really scared, I am just sitting here worried, please advise would be great right now, is it possible to have positive then negative hpt then positive blood test, I am praying to God it works this time, sorry for blabbering on, this is my first post, to all you ladies going through the same as me, I pray for all of you & wish you all well

    1. Jaclin

      Hey Kerry….it is always possible to get negative HPTs then get a positive BETA. This would be the first time for me….I test on Thursday. Before, I tested positive several days before BETA. I’ve seen on tons of blogs of women stating so. My mom tested negative on BETA and hpt’s when she had me…I’m 35 now.

      The meds like progesterone suck and can cause the bloating, etc… I am having the same issues. The meds can mimick pregnancy symptoms too, so they really mess with our minds. I’m dealing with my usual PMS migraines, face breaking out, etc…so my hope has been diminished by a lot that this worked. I never had these issues the first IVF, just the cramping. Cramping can be a good sign though :o)

      Keep your head up Kerry! I will keep you in my prayers sweetie :o)

      I’m not going to do any more HPTs…I’ll use the $8 and rent some movies or buy myself something “pretty” as they say :o)

      1. Kerry

        Thank you Jaclin, unfortunately I got my period, & have decided I will never take another hpt while doing IVF, thank you & I wish you all the best, I wl also keep you & everyone else who is having trouble falling pregnant in my prayers too :) Good Luck Jaclin please keep us posted x

  96. Ashlee

    Okay, Im going in for a blood test later today. It’s been five weeks since my last period. I’ve been moody, stomach cramps(not like pms), neusea, and vomiting, sensitive to smells, back pain, headaches, and tender breasts. I have taken 4 hpts and all were negative. My sister said all her’s were negative until 7 weeks. Can I possibly be pregnant? My husband and I are really praying so!!!

  97. Jaclin

    Well, I was right…..Negative BETA today. Another $10k out of my pocket and nothing else for another try. I hate my insurance because the only thing they will pay for is the antibiotics.

    Good luck to everyone going through the process. I wish you all the best. I am taking myself off of these boards, as I knew I shouldn’t have gotten back on.

    1. brit16

      So sorry to hear about your negative beta. I totally understand your frustration with the insurance, ours covers your initial testing but once you find out you have infertility, you are left to fend for yourself!!! We have been lucky that our clinic has really worked with us but we have still spent thousands along the way. Then we wonder why we can’t get out of debt! I hope you find a way to keep trying.

    2. Kerry

      Hi Jaclin, I’m really sorry to hear that your test was negative, I know how you must feel, it’s a horrible feeling, don’t give up, keep your chin up & I pray it works for all of us real soon, take care sweetie xx

  98. Babbs

    any updates Brit with you?

    1. brit16

      Sorry, it’s been a hectic spring break and I haven’t been around the computer at all. We have had two betas now… first was 465 13dp5dt and second was 910. So far everything seems ok. Thanks so much for asking!!

      1. Babbs

        YAY!!! Congrats!
        I have my first ultra sound on monday! I have been sick as can be! I will take it!
        I am anxious to see if we are having twins again or a singleton!

        1. brit16

          Thanks, hope your ultrasound goes great! Are you hoping for two or one?? With our numbers I am pretty convinced it’s one for us. I have had a few days not feeling well, but feel pretty good overall.

          1. Kerry

            Congratulations Britt & Babbs, I am really happy for you, I wish you all the best xx

  99. Nur44

    Hi everyone. I am new here and read all the stories. It helps very much knowing how many of us are going through the same process and I wanted to share my experience with you. Back to 2007 I had my 1st IVF cycle. All went well and I had 2 embryos (day 3) transferred. We were able to freeze 5 more embryos, all day 3. I ended pregnant and now I have a beautiful 4 years old daughter. Last August we tried for a frozen cycle (we had to use 3 embryos as one did not survive at all) and 2 good quality 3 days embryos were transferred. Unfortunately it did not work and we were quite disappointed. We decide to use the last 2 frozen embryos and I had a transfer on the 6th March (12 days ago). Both embryos were good. Las Friday (10 days post embryo transfer) I used and old pregnancy test I had at home (since I was pregnant) I have to say that it expired end 2007 but I was so anxious that I decided to use it anyway. It came out negative. Made me feel sad even I know it could be too early and also the test could not be in the best condition since it was a very old one. My Clinic told me not to do any test before the 19th March, but I am dying to know. If it does not work we do not have more frozen embryos and I am 43 so the chances of conceiving again with my own eggs are low. I should test tomorrow with the pregnancy test the clinic gave to me but I have to attend a very important meeting on Tuesday and I am considering to wait until Wednesday as I do not want anyone noticing I am upset if the result is negative. I have no symptoms at all, no bleeding, no sore breasts… Some period like cramps but very mild. I would even say I have lost some weight :( Anyone experiencing something similar? Please let me know your thoughts! Congratulations to the ones already expecting and the best of luck for the ones still triyng :) .

    1. brit16

      Don’t worry about the lack of symptoms!! Most people don’t have symptoms this early. I had my positive beta about a week ago and I still have no symptoms and I have also lost a little weight, but so far everything seems to be on track for me. Good luck with your test today (or wednesday) if you decide to wait! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

      1. Nur44

        Thank you for your reply Brit and Congratulations :) Do you think I can rely on a expired HPT? I have decided to wait until Wednesday to do the test. I hope (if I am not pregnant) that two more days with medication is not going to do any harm. Best wishes x x

        1. brit16

          Your welcome, and thanks :). Not really sure about the expired HPT????? I imagine that they would not have an expiration date if they lasted forever :). They probably last longer than they claim, but 2007 is a long time ago!! Also, if you were testing 10dp transfer there is still a chance that it was too early. You are better than I am to be able to wait!! Would you be interested in sharing your story of your little girl with my viewers? Every story is encouraging to some, yours would be encouraging to people new to IVF since you had such quick success. If you are interested you can email me at brit16@suddenlink.net or you can go to the share your story page. Thanks! Good luck, hope to hear good news from you on Wednesday!

          1. Nur44

            Unfortunately the HPT was negative. Our second frozen cycle did not work either. Feeling a bit sad (we don’t have any more frozen embryos) but very lucky at the same time as I have my little princess. Of course I will share her story with you :) In the meantime, have you heard of someone going for IVF with her own eggs at 43? We are considering this possibility. Thank you!

          2. brit16

            So sorry to hear that the hpt was negative :( Thanks for being willing to share your story, when you are ready you can email it to me at brit16@suddenlink.net. As far as going through the process with your own eggs, yes I have heard of many women going through the process in their 40’s. I am sure it works for some, but I know egg quality is a big issue at this point. What does your RE think??? I know some of the hormone test they do can give them an idea of your egg reserve and maybe an idea about the quality of your eggs. If for some reason using your eggs is not an option,you could consider donor embryos. They are MUCH less expensive to use than donor eggs. I am only mentioning this because many women don’t even know about the option of using donor embryos.
            I hope you get to use your eggs and the next time is it for you!!! So sorry.

  100. Kat

    Good morning ladies. I’m new to this site. My husband and I have lost 4 in 3 years. The last two being in May and August of 2011. As a result, I have no tubes. I don’t hold on to it as it’s all in God’s plan. It’s been a very rough road getting to this point. I have a 10 year old son from a previous relationship. I have Lupus which we recently found out about. No biggie as I’ve been on 325mg of Ecotrin. My doctors have been really great with the whole thing. Especially my Rheumatologist. I completed my retrieval on 3/12/12 and had my transfer on 3/17/12. I am now in the crazy 2 week waiting and not really inclined to test. We’ve been through so much over these last couple of years and just this past year alone, I just want to ride the wave. We had 22 eggs, 18 were mature and 14 fertilized. 13 made it to day 5 blasts which was great. Our docs were a bit disappointed because we didn’t freeze. I said if they were willing to pay the freezing fee, then we’ll do it. But I wanted to share my story. Hubby is very supportive and we are both looking forward to Spring Time and Renewal and New Life. Blessings to everyone.

    1. brit16

      So sorry to hear of your losses. We lost 3 before finally having our little miracle boy. Hope this is the cycle for you!!!

      I understand why your clinic was dissapointed in you not freezing. An FET (transfer of frozen embryos) is much much cheaper and easier on the body. So, if for some reason this cycle failed, then you would have embryos there waiting for another try. Our little miracle came from frozen embryos :). But I know all of the decision that come along with IVF are very personal and everyone is different. Good luck to you!

  101. Pink

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m new to this site. We have been TTC since September 2009 and I have never been pregnant. After a long struggle of 5 cycles of Clomid and 2 cycles of Clomid with IUI… We started our first IVF cycle in February. I had my egg retrieval on March 6, 22 eggs were retrieved, 18 were ICSI’ed and 12 fertilized. We did a Day 5 transfer of one embryo on March 11. 5 embryos were frozen. My 2WW is getting more and more difficult every day, especially since I started doing HPTs on FRER every day since 5dp5dt… And I have been getting a negative for the past 4 days :( Today I am 8dp5dt. I have been feeling a lot of “twinges”, “pinches” and cramping off and on. My beta is scheduled for Saturday, March 24, 18 days post egg retrieval and 14 days post embryo transfer. I am getting so worried that I’m not pregnant. What is the latest that you have seen someone get a positive on a HPT after a Day 5 transfer?

    I’m hoping and praying that our embryo took a little longer to implant and maybe that’s why I’m not getting a positive yet. My cycle is also usually 30-32 days and my period isn’t due until March 23… But that could be all out of sorts from the IVF medications. I’m also currently taking estrace and prometrium.

  102. Alice

    Hi! I have to admit I’ve been reading all posts in this sites at midnights when my nerves were killing me during the 2ww. Thank you Brit for taking the time to build this site and sharing your experience and encouraging other women. I am on my 12th day post transfer, today my hpt was positive! I couldn’t stop crying (after 8 failed iui). My daughter is three years old and we got pregnant with the first iui…never imagined it will be so hard to get pregnant again. I had cramps yesterday and was very scared to get a neg htp (it was digital) so when I read “pregnant” I couldn’t stop shouting! Still have cramps…my bloodtest is tomorrow…should I already believe I’m pregnant? If so..how many bloodtests do I have to do and when? When can I have my first ultrasound? Thanks and good luck to all!

    1. brit16

      Congrats on your positive!!!!!!! Your story sounds opposite to mine….it took us sooooo long to get the first one, that I am having a hard time believing that we could actually have success on the first attempt at number two! My clinic starts testing around 14dpt and continues about twice a week for the next couple of weeks. But I think they test a lot compared to some clinics. Thanks for the kind words about my site, I hope it can help others know that they are not alone!!! When do you go in for your first blood test?

  103. Brooke

    Like the others said I am also glad I found this website. I am being a surrogate for a friend of mine and we are also on the 2ww. We transfered 1- 3day on March 14th (last wed) and today (7 days later) I took my first preg test and it came back negative…bummer. I know its early though. I was a surrogate one time before and we transfered 1- 5day and I got a positive 5 days after transfer and he is now a healthy 14 month old baby boy. I was hoping to have another early positive… Positive thought though :) I just have a good feeling! Wish us luck!!!

    1. brit16

      Good luck to you!! That is sooo wonderful that you are a surrogate :). Us infertile people are sooo desperate and it is great to know that there are people like you out there willing to help. It is still early, don’t be discouraged yet!! Good luck, hope to hear good news soon.

      1. elaine5687

        Hi Brooke!

        I’m also being a surrogate for a couple, and we transferred 2 3day embryos on March 14th. I took a hpt this morning as well and it was negative. In my head I know its still early, but it’s still such a let down to see it. My couple is older, and I know that changes the chances/odds of it working. We transferred 5 3day embryos in December and it didn’t work. These are her last embryos so I feel the added pressure! Good luck to you!

  104. Mellissa

    Hi Ladies,

    I thought I would share my IVF journey. I’m 33 years of age. I have a 14 year old Son whom is from my previous marriage. I conceived him naturally. Year later I was possibly poisoned as I worked with a toxic additive in aviation fuel. Yet to prove this. I tried to conceive for 5 years. I ended up seeing my IVF specialist and it was discovered my tubes were useless and blocked. Last April to our surprise I was rushed to hospital with an ectopic pregnancy. My left tube ruptured, I lost 4.5 litres of blood, had a full blood transfusion and was cut ope from hip to hip ad there was no time for keyhole surgery. I rested for 8 months after this and started our first IVF cycle in February where I had my Gonal-F self injections for a couple of weeks. I then had my egg retrieval. I had 21 eggs collected. My IVF specialist who is very strict with guidelines will not do a fresh transfer if more than 18 eggs are collected. I was glad because I was swollen and sore for a couple of weeks. I got my period on my due date and ovulated naturally so my specialist felt I was ready for a FET with one of our blasts..

    Egg Retrieval / Embryos Developing
    Day 1: 21 eggs retrieved & 21 eggs fertilized

    Day 2:
    7 embryos = 4 cells
    1 embryo = 3 cells 
    13 embryos = 2 cells

    Day 3:
    4 embryos = 8 cells compacting
    6 embryos = 8 cells
    2 embryos = 7 cells
    1 embryo = 6 cells compacting
    4 embryos = 6 cells
    4 embryos = 4 cells

    Day 4:
    13 embryos = Morula 
    3 embryos = 10 cells 
    3 embryos = 8 cells
    1 embryo = 6 cells (same as yesterday)
    1 embryo = 4 cells (same as yesterday)

    Day 5:
    9 embryos = expanding blastocyst (top quality – best of the best)
    2 embryos = early blastocyst (strong)
    3 embryos = cavitating morula (good)
    5 embryos = Morula (a bit lazy)
    1 embryo = Morula but not looking like it will make it
    1 embryo = 6 cells (weak)

    Day 6:
    16 embryos frozen
    5 discarded as they were degenerating

    Frozen Embryo Transfer Day 15th of March 2012
    Day 0: Thursday
    15th March 2012
    1 embryo thawed with 100% survival of cells. Transferred into uterus successfully. Had 250ml Ovidrel. Went home and felt no different but rested for the day. 

    Day 1: Friday
    Some cramping like period pain. 
    A bit more gas than usual. 
    Feeling hungry often.
    Slight nausea. 
    A bit tired. Fell asleep earlier than usual.

    Day 2: Saturday
    Cramping continued especially in the evening.
    Hot flushes.
    Feeling hungry often.
    Sharp pain at night. 
    Fell asleep earlier than usual.
    Very moody.

    Day 3: Sunday
    Sharp cramps all day.
    Feeling hungry often.

    Day 4: Monday
    Not as many cramps.
    Positive HPT (but I know it’s too early for an accurate result).

    Day 5: Tuesday
    Slight nausea
    Hot flushes
    Cramps in afternoon
    Positive pregnancy test (again, I know it’s too early).

    Day 6: Wednesday
    Had Acupuncture (also had this the day before transfer).
    Period like pain
    Hungry often
    A couple of dizzy spells but nothing major.

    Day 7: Thursday
    Woke up starving. Been hungry all day.
    Very gassy

    I’m unsure if my two HPTs really are a false positive. Have been feeling period like pain this since before the transfer. I was due for period yesterday but it has not arrived. Could this be because I’m pregnant or has the ovidrel shot possibly stopped the cycle? This 2ww is torture.

    1. Mellissa

      Also I have had no spotting or bleeding. Does this mean no implantation has happened?

      I have read most of the posts on here and it’s such a supportive blog. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories. It’s comforting.

      1. brit16

        Thanks for sharing Mellissa! All of the “symptoms” you are describing are likely from the meds. The meds they give us have side effects similar to early pregnancy symptoms. But that doesn’t mean you are not pregnant. With my son I had a positive (very light) on 4dpt and a little darker on 5dpt. When you say it is too early…..are you saying you had an hcg trigger shot? If so, then yes, it is too early to know that it is out of your system. (It can take up to 10 days to get out of your system) If you did not have an hcg shot, then the positive is accurate!!!

        So sorry to hear all that you have been through. Glad you have so many frozen blast, it sounds like you had great results!!! Hope to hear that you continue to get positives!!

        1. Mellissa

          Hi Brit16,

          Thank you. Yes I did have a HCG shot of 250ml on the day of transfer. I did another pregnancy test today (day 8), positive again. I’m so impatient. I hope we get a positive result. This IVF is hard work and tough on our bodies so it would be nice to get a baby bundle for our efforts.

          Will keep all up to date. Hopefully positives next week.

          1. Mellissa

            P.S. yes we did get to freeze lots of blasts so we have a lot of chances ahead of us if this embryo doesn’t stick. Fingers crossed it does.

        2. Mellissa

          Hi Brit,

          Yesterday was 10dpt and around about lunch time I got some brown discharge when I went to the toilet. It looked like what my period looks like when it is nearly finished (if that makes sense). I was due for my period 5 days ago. I am feeling sharp pains just under my ribs, mild back pain and pain running down the back of my right leg. My nipples are quite sore as of last night. I just went to the toilet again and there was a tiny bit more brown discharge. Not sure what all of this means.

  105. Mellissa

    And I did another pregnancy test this morning (I’m currently 11dpt) and it was positive. A bit confused.

    1. brit16

      Most likely there is no need to worry. It is likely some old implantation bleeding. I haven’t had it this time but with my little boy I had it off and on for about a week starting at 7 dpt. If it turns bright red or gets heavy then you should definitely call your RE. Most of the “symptoms are probably side effects from the drugs, it is pretty early for pregnancy symptoms. Congrats!

      1. Mellissa


        I really hope so. Fingers and toes are crossed. Am not due to see my IVF specialist until next Monday so hiping no bright red blood in the mean time. IVF is so hard on the body and mind. Thanks so much for reassurance. I really needed it.

        1. brit16

          No problem! I am not just saying it to make you feel better… I have always heard that brown blood is no cause for concern. Can even be a good sign of implantation bleeding. Wow, you have to wait a while to go back. If you are really nervous you could probably let you know about the spotting and ask them if you could come back in for another beta level. Just for your re-assurance. :)

  106. Mellissa

    I also thought it was quite a while to wait. It’s hard to be patient for this long especially to see if I’m pregnant or not. My IVF clinic gave me one of their HPTs to use this Friday (15 days after my little blast was transferred in) and then I go in and see them Monday after. I spoke to them yesterday regarding the length of time and they said they wait that long because they take into account the whole variation for the length of their ivfers cycles some being 28 days and others being 32-35 days. It feels like an eternity.

    1. brit16

      Good luck with your test on Friday! Hope to be hearing good news :).

      1. Mellissa

        Hi Brit,

        Result = PREGNANT…

        We are extremely excited… Ultrasound is booked in for 3 weeks time.


        1. brit16

          That’s great news!!! Hope you will keep us updated on the progress. Good luck with the ultrasound, try to pass the 3 weeks quickly!

  107. lucy

    i am 43 years old. I did not meet my love until i was 40.5 and that is when we started to try. I got pregnant when i was 41 naturally but miscarried at 10 weeks. both of us are normal. the only problem might be my age. We did 4 IUIs with clomid; no success. just started IVF this march. 13 eggs and 5 fertilized, 8A-, 6B+, and 6C, 5C and 4C. 5 embryos all transferred on 3/18. so far i do not much symptoms, except for occasional pain in lower abdomen. Beta test is on 4/2. quite nervous, seriously. lots of money out of pocket and lots of needles.

    1. brit16

      Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. We went through three before finally having our little guy. Wow, 5 embryos transferred :). Don’t worry about the lack of symptoms…most women do not have any symptoms until around 6-8 weeks pregnant. Anything you feel at this point is likely just from the meds anyway:). Good luck, hope to hear good news on the 2nd!!

    2. Nur44

      Hi Lucy, I’ve just read your story and I am in a similar situation. I am also 43 and I’ve just used my 2 last frozen embryos with no luck. I am considering to start a new cycle but the clinic says that I would have more chances if I use donor eggs. He has suggested to test an specific hormone (AMH) to see the real chances of conceiving with my own eggs. I wanted to ask if you know something about this. 13 eggs is a very good number!! I wish you all the best!

      1. lucy

        hi, Nur44, they did suggest donor eggs before. with our own eggs, the success rate is less than 5%; younger donor eggs, the rate could be 65%. i was considering but could not find a suitable donor. then they did some test on me for egg reserves. the result was much better than their expectation. hence, the IVF. my first one, fresh. none frozen. i did a test this morning, it is negative. it is sad but it is not final yet. I knew the odds going in, but hoping for a miracle. if this one did not work, we might do two more rounds. Yes, i will consider donor eggs. they cost a lot more and it is hard to find someone like me. but if that has to be the way to go, we will consider. 65% success rate = 50-50 to the individual.

        Good luck to you. Final blood work is on 4/2nd.

  108. Mellissa

    Hi Brit,

    Result = PREGNANT…

    We are extremely excited… Ultrasound is booked in for 3 weeks time.


  109. Ram


    I have been trying to get pregnant for the last 6 years. I have high PCOS and my DH is fine. I am 27 years old with very irregular periods. I have been through clomid, IUI’s and finally my doctor recommended me IVF.

    We had 16 eggs retrieved, 8 fertilized. We froze 4 of them and my doctor inserted one embryo as she is totally against multiples. We had our 5 day transfer on 3/21. I could not wait and tested yesterday which gave me positive on digital first response test. I could not believe my eyes and was so happy as I wanted to see this for last 6 years and this is my first positive ever. Soon, I realized that the test strip expired in Nov 2011. Do you think expired one can false positive? I don’t have anymore and wanted to go out and buy but really scared to see a negative this time. My beta is tommorow-Friday and I am very nervous now and somehow I feel strongly that another disappointment is awaiting me tomorrow. I don’t have any pregnancy symptoms until today but have stomach pain not cramps today as if my period is due. Not sure how to wait for one more day but will keep you posted. Do you know if I can get false positive with expired test?


    1. Ram

      Sorry, my transfer was on 3/20. 5 day transfer

    2. brit16

      I’m not too sure about the expired test, but I know the test is looking for the hormone HCG so I could see a false negative before seeing a false positive. If it picks up the hormone, it should be a positive no matter what. But I am not a doctor, so I can’t say for sure. Good luck with your test tomorrow, hope to hear some great news! Also, don’t worry about the lack of symptoms, most people don’t have any symptoms til around weeks 6-8.

      1. Ram

        Hi Brit,

        I am so happy today. My bloodwork is positive and beta is 353. Need to go Monday to see if it is increasing. I am so happy and fingers crossed to see increased beta on Monday


        1. brit16

          Congrats!! That is great news, hope to hear some more great numbers on Monday!!!

          1. Ram

            Hi Brit,

            Quick question: Is my beta 353 a high number? I had only one embryo transferred. Is my number in normal range for a 10 day post 5 dt?

          2. brit16

            That is a great number! At 13 days post transfer mine was at 465 so yours is a little higher than that, but it sounds perfect to me. Good luck to you!

  110. Ram

    Thanks for your comment Brit. I will keep you posted on my result

    1. Ram

      Hi Brit,

      My results just came. Beta is 874. Progesterone is 75.4.
      This is 13dp5dt. Doctor said it is a good number and I have to go through one more bloodwork on Thursday. Is this a good number as I thought my beta should triple by this time to 1050 as my beta for 10dp5dt was 345. Please let me know. Thanks


      1. brit16

        Hey Ram! Your betas look great! They are supposed to double in 48 – 72 hours, and yours doubled in 53 hours, so it is perfect. Try not to worry too much, even though it is easier said than done :). Hope this helps.

        1. Ram

          Hi Brit, Just got my third beta. It is 2199- I am so happy this time. My progesterone went down to 70.5 from 75 but doctor said still it is more than required and nothing to worry. I have my first ultrasound on this Monday. Do you know what exactly they will be looking in ultrasound. Is it heartbeat? Fingers crossed. I am 50% confirmed after seeing good increase in number and heartbeat will make me 100% satisfied

          1. brit16

            Great news!!! How far along will you be at the ultrasound on monday? If you will be 6 weeks or more, then yes they will be looking for the heartbeat. If you are less than 6 weeks, then they will be just looking for a gestational sac and potentially the yolk sac as well. Glad everything is going great, thanks for the update!! Hope to hear more updates soon :).

        2. Ram

          Hi Brit,

          Thank you. As of Monday, I will be 5 weeks 4 days pregnant. So assuming it would be only the sac and yolk at this time. Right?

          1. Ram

            Hi Brit,

            My ultrasound went well today. No heartbeat yet as they said 5 weeks, 4 days might be too early to see heartbeat. Next ultrasound is booked for 23rd. As of today, we could see gestational sac and Yac Sac. Very happy to see that. Fingers crossed for healthy heartbeat next time

          2. brit16

            That is great news! You saw exactly what you should see, I was a little worried when i did not see the heartbeat at 5w5d, but all was well and we saw the heartbeat a few days later. Hope you have a great pregnancy!!

          3. Ram

            Hi Brit,

            I am bit concerned as my progestrone levels are going down fast. On April 2, it was 75, on April 5 it was 70 and on April 9th, it went down to 59.5. My doctor says 20 should be good and not worry. Do you know of anyone who had decreasing progestrone levels but still had successful pregnancy. My HCG levels are good and doubling for every 48 hrs. I am also on progestrone shots but not sure why the levels are decreasing and worried something might happen

          4. brit16

            Hi Ram,

            Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I can’t tell you why your levels are dropping. What I can tell you is that I have had issues with my progesterone and the nurses have always told me as long as it stayed above 20 that all is well. My levels were never as high as yours (during the time that we test anyway) and I had a healthy little boy. Mine always lingered around the 20’s, even on a double dose of progesterone!

  111. Jenn

    Hi everyone. I’m 31 years old and I had a frozen tranfer on 3/25. Two embryos back in. one being a 5AA and one a 4bc. That’s how they measure how good the embryos are. The Dr. said that they are both very good quality embryos. I hope so! I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of days now. I went online trying to see if the prog. shots would give me a false positive and I luckily found this blog. This is the greatest thing to do for everyone. I wanted to take a hpt, but after reading realized that it would not help me. I’m supposed to go back to the Dr. on Tuesday 4/3/12 for the Beta test. From what I’m reading that seems so early. If I come back negative do you think that’s it or maybe they will test me again later on? I’m really worried that I’ll have to wait longer to find out. Looking for friendly advise! Thank you so much for starting this- YOU ARE A GREAT PERSON FOR THIS!! You don’t even realize how many people you put at ease!!!!!!

    1. brit16

      Thanks for the kind words about the blog!! I love knowing that it is actually helpful to people. Your beta is pretty early but remember that taking an hpt test and doing a blood test are totally different. If you take a hpt at 8 dpt and it is negative, then yes it could be too early. Hpt test look for hcg in your system and if the level is below 25 or sometimes 50 then it won’t show positive. A blood test gives you an exact level of hcg, so….if you have a level of 20 on day 8 post transfer a hpt may show negative but your clinic would tell you it’s a positive (over 5 is typically considered positive). Hope this all makes sense. Even though your beta is pretty early, I would think you should have atleast a low level of hcg in your system by then. Just remember that if you compare your levels to other ladies, your first level will likely be lower than other people’s first levels because yours was so early. Good luck to you! If you haven’t already….subscribe to my blog :).

      1. Jenn

        Hi Brit! Just wanted to keep you updated. Your email back was helpful. Good just to have someone to talk to. So thanks! I have to admit that I was to anxious and bought two hpt’s on Sunday 4/1/12. funny huh- April Fools Day! But I had a faint line. Monday morning I did the other one. Line popped out with no problems. I went for my beta today and just got off the phone with the nurse. PREGNANT!! My beta is 369 and progesterone greater than 40. I asked her for my levels and that’s what I got back. I’d rather a number. Next time I’ll push for the answer. So I have to go back on 4/5/12 to make sure they are going up. I’m soooooo happy! I just read that you were also pregnant now. Did I read that right? If so CONGRATS!!! How long before you can hear a heartbeat? This is my 4th IVF cycle and with the 3rd I had my daughter. I’m so shocked it worked the first time after that. I’ll keep in touch!

        1. brit16

          Congrats, that is great news to hear!!! So exciting to see people getting positives. Your numbers sound great, my clinic does the progesterone the same way, but they say >20. They are not concerned with the progesterone as long as it is above 20. So I would not worry too much about knowing that exact number. Atleast you have the HCG level, and it looks great!!

          Yes you are right, we are 7w2d today and just had another ultrasound done today. We heard the heartbeat for the first time last week and again this morning! I still don’t feel like it is real, but am starting to get excited. It seems like we are going through the same things…..we had our little guy after 6 attempts, so I am having a really hard time believing that we could have number two on the first attempt! Good luck with everything, hope to hear more good news soon!

          Would you be interested in sharing your story with my viewers??? I am always looking for new stories to add to the few I already have, but I have a hard time finding people that have the time or are willing to share. Thanks in advance for considering…..here are the questions people typically answer, if you are interested. Share Your Story

      2. Jenn

        Hi Brit! Yes you did help me. I wrote and posted the other day but when I looked it was gone. The Sunday before my beta test I got anxious and took an hpt. There was a faint line. I took it in the afternoon. Then Monday morning the line came right out. I went for my beta on Tuesday and results are pregnant! My beta was 369. I’m so excited! They re took my test on Thursday and it was 800. I thought I would double everyday? Cause for concern? They put two 6 day blastocysts back so I’m assuming only one held on with a low number. This is my fourth try. I had a baby girl on Aug. 15, 2008 with my third try. I can’t believe it worked the first time on her sibling. I’m so thankful. This was my last try. I have to say that the doctor though I would only be able to get pregnant with a donor egg the second round of IVF. So it working the next round and then again 4 years after that really surprised me. I guess you just have to keep faith. I go back on Thursday (4/12/12) for an ultrasound. They said just to see a sack. Too early for a heartbeat yet? I can’t remember when they had me in for the heartbeat with my daughter. Well I will keep you posted on my progress. Happy Easter!

        1. brit16

          Congrats, that is great news!! Your doubling rate is perfect….it is supposed to double every 48-72 hours and you are right at 48!! Hope to hear about your ultrasound results soon. If you are 6 weeks plus, then you will be looking for a heartbeat, and earlier than that it will just be the sac. Hope you have a great pregnancy, congrats again!

          1. Jenn

            Congratulations!!! I thought you were pregnant. I’m so happy for you! I know what you mean, I couldn’t believe it either, the first try after. Well I went to the Dr, but its before the heartbeat. We’ll be going back on Saturday for that. I had the ultrasound and it’s twins! I’m shocked at that. Can’t wait to hear what that sounds like. Do you know when your due? I’ll keep you posted.

          2. brit16

            Twins!!! Wow, that is great. I think it would have scared me a bit :). Hope your ultrasound went well, looking forward to hearing an update! I go to my OB for the first time today, so I guess she will give me a due date, but I think it is Nov 16th. How about you?

  112. lucy

    thanks, Brit. i did a test this morning (12 dpt), it is negative. it is sad but it is not final yet. I knew the odds going in, but hoping for a miracle. final blood work is on 4/2nd. I will update then.

    1. brit16

      There is still hope….don’t give up yet. in regards to the egg donor comment you made in reply to Nur44….have you heard about donor embryos? They are very inexpensive, compared to donor eggs, the only main difference is that DH would not be bio related to the child. Hope you don’t have to think about any of that, just thought I would let you know your options. Good luck, hope this is the cycle for you!

  113. lucy

    thanks, Brit. if both of us are not bio-related to the child, we would rather go with adoption. It will be a better safer way to have a child. We are in the process to do that anyway. I would consider donor egg because hubby is the only one left in his family to carry their name and genes. and i love their genes. i love mine too, but if my eggs are too old…. there is not much i can do.

    1. brit16

      Hope you didn’t take it the wrong way, there is just a lot of women who want to carry a child, but don’t know about donor embryos. Good luck to you!! We would have been willing to adopt as well, but after so much money going to infertility treatments we didn’t think we could afford to adopt! I wish adoption was a little easier to go through (financially anyway).

  114. nikkistan

    im in my 3 day of transfer, feeling cramps all the time like im having my period.. i hope not im desperate for a child my husband and i are trying for 8 months now and nothing my pregnancy test is due this Thursday the 5. hoping for a positive.. question? how soon can i do a preg test?

    1. brit16

      Are you 3 days post transfer??? Or did you have a three day transfer? If you had a three day transfer you really don’t want to test until 8-10 days after and even then it is still early. If you test early and get a negative, then try not to be discouraged and know that it can still happen for you. Good luck to you!!!

  115. nikkistan

    yesterday my doc called me to tell me that my progesterone level is 22 ,is that good?

    1. brit16

      My clinic says anything over 20 is good :). Mine dropped to 11 one time and they added more progesterone.

  116. Theresa

    I am 8dp3dt and POAS 4am est and got a BFN. How soon does HCG enters my body to where I can get a BFP? I am guessing I am testing too soon

    1. Clare

      Hi Theresa,

      I read from day 9 of a 3dt is when HCG is more likely to be detected. Thats when i tested and got a BFP, good luck to you.

    2. brit16

      At 8 days post your body would just be starting to produce HCG. Some people get positives at this point but for most the level is still too low to be detected with an hpt. Hope you get good news soon!!

  117. Clare

    Hi Brit,

    Hows things going for you? All’s well i hope? I’ve just had my 7 week scan and seen my baby’s tiny heartbeat…awesome!

    1. brit16

      Great news!!!! We saw the heartbeat for the first time last week and go back to see it again tomorrow, praying it is still beating strong!! Good luck with your pregnancy. Hope you will continue to come back and update :).

  118. lucy

    BFN!!! meeting with the doctor in 2 weeks to decide on next step. At this point, i do not want to go any further. not even adoption. I love kids but i started out too late. so be it! we will take care of ourselves and travel the world. There are joys coming from kids; but if they are not in my destiny, i am not going to cry my eyes out. Good luck to you all. I am off the site.

    1. brit16

      So sorry to hear your news. I hope you are happy in whatever you decide to do moving forward.

  119. SAI

    This is a great website and the comments are overwhelming. I am going for my blood test (april 4) tomorrow and i am very nervous. This is our 3rd IVF.

    Please pray for me..


    1. brit16

      Good luck today!!!! Sorry you have been through so many IVF cycles, we went through 6 before having our little miracle. Thanks for the kind words about the site. Will be praying for good

  120. margo

    I am on day 9 of 5dt.I did hpt and it is BFN.Tommorow is Beta.
    This is my first IVF and I was really hopping it is gonna be the last one
    I have 3 IUI with clomid.No result.However I did get pregnant naturally but I miscarried.Could home prey test lie?

    1. brit16

      Yes, it is still a little early. A lot of people get positives at this point, but some don’t. The blood test will tell you for sure. Good luck to you!!!

  121. Tania

    I am 35 and have just completed my first IVF cycle. My doc has a blood test set up for Fri the 6th. I took a home test on Tues because I had felt nausa Monday but it was negative. Should I even go to the bllod test?

    1. brit16

      Of course!! Don’t give up yet, although many women get positives by this point, but some don’t. Good luck to you!

  122. Rachael

    Hi Brit, hope all went well with your scan the other day.

    They have no idea what happened my levels were really high and the next thing you know nothing. I am not sure if the hospital sent my clinic details or not as I had to have a D/C as I couldn’t miscarry on my own. I made it to 9 1/2 weeks with the frozen transfer.

    I know that feeling the whole time I was pregnant I couldn’t really get happy cause I just keept thinking that something might happen and it did.

    Can you tell me Brit your thoughts on Fresh v Frozen is one better then the other or is more that your body isn’t going through all the stress as it does when the eggs get taken out?

    Good luck to you :)

    1. brit16

      I was so sad for you when I read your post :( we went through 3 miscarriages but none made it that far. Do they have any idea what happened? We had to have a d and c the first time around, it was physically less painful, but emotionally it was tough.

      As for fresh vs frozen, the success rates are very similar with a full batch of embryos, overall frozen rates are a little lower, but it is likely that the “best” embryos were used for the fresh transfers which accounts for the higher rates. I hope this is making sense :) I am partial to frozen considering it gave us our son, and it is sosoo much easier on your body.

      So sorry. What are your plans now?? Don’t give up, it will happen!!

      1. Rachael

        Hi Brit, yes I was the same when I had my d/c I was so emotionally drained and I had no family as we all live in different states :(

        No hope lost we had a FET 5dt blastocyst on the 30/3 currently in the 2 ww and like last time I couldn’t wait as my bloods aren’t until the 12/4 is for ever away lol so I am currently 7dpo and I got another BFP I couldn’t believe my eyes but still a very long road ahead.

        Fingers and toes crossed that this little beans sticks I will keep you updated again :)

        1. brit16

          That’s great you got another positive already!! Hope this is the one for you :). Looking forward to hearing some good updates!

          1. Rachael

            Hi Brit I got me results back today and my levels are at 394 which they said is really good :) I am soooo happy but cautious at the same time.

            I go back for more bloods next week lets hope they keep going up. And find out when my first ultrasound is.

            This pregnancy has been different to my last one, I am always tired and always wanting to throw up :( and don’t worry I am emotional all right!!! I split my breakfast all over my self yesterday and started crying.

            I still can’t believe that I am pregnant already after losing one in January. Things are just meant to be I guess :)

            Hope that everything is going well for you in your pregnancy. Will update again next week :)

  123. Marie12

    Hello, I am 4days post day 5et and i
    ‘ve been having cramps, is this normal??

    1. brit16

      Yes it is completely normal. The drugs we are on can cause cramps as well as an embryo that is implanting. Good luck to you!

      1. Marie12

        I took a non-digital hpt on day 3 post transfer and it was BFN. I took a clearblue digital today on day 5 and its BFP. Could this be wrong?? My HCG shot was on 3/30.

        1. brit16

          If your HCG shot was on the 30th then today would be 12 days post the trigger. I have always heard that triggers are out of your system by about day 10. So…..it sounds like you are pregnant!! You really can’t compare the digital test and the non-digital. The digital test take much more hcg in your system to show up positive. The non-digital test are much more sensitive, and will give you positives a lot earlier. Congrats! When is your beta test? Hope to hear more good news soo!

          1. Marie12

            My beta is on the 16th, I’m so nervous!! Thanks Brit, I will definetly keep you posted!

  124. Maggie

    Thanks so much for this site. It’s so encouraging. I’m 10dp3dt and am trying to keep myself from taking a home pregnancy test! I’m on my second cycle of IVF– the first one was luckily successful and we have a beautiful boy because of it. Hearing everyone’s struggles has encouraged me to wait a little longer on the urine test. Gotta make it till my blood test on Friday!

    1. brit16

      Good luck with your test Friday! I think you are smart to wait a little longer :). I couldn’t do it! How old is your first little boy? If this current pregnancy works out for us then our little ones will be 2 years and 7 months apart. That is great that you were a lucky first timer!!!

      Would you be interested in sharing your IVF story about having your first little boy? I have many first time visitors and I think my story is a little intimidating to some of them, it would be nice to have a story that shows them it can work on the first attempt! Here are the questions I typically have people answer when they share their story. You could use them or just share anything you would like! I understand if you are not interested. Thanks, good luck to you!!!

      1. Maggie

        Ok, well, I cracked, but I got a POSITIVE!!!

        And I’d be happy to share my story if you think people might be interested. Should I email it to you?

        My little boy is 19 months, so assuming all goes well, they’ll be about 2.5 years apart :) Congratulations on your pregnancy! I’ll be praying it all goes well for you!

        1. brit16

          That’s great!!! I would love to be able to share another story….I have not had one to share in a while. You can email me at brit16@suddenlink.net, if you would like to share a pic of you, your little one, or both it is nice to put a face with the story. But if you are uncomfortable with that, I totally understand :). Are little ones will be about the same age difference. Hope to hear some more good news soon :). Thanks again for sharing your story with everyone!

  125. APNY

    Hello. I just want to take the time to thank you for putting together such a great site for women (and men of course) who are struggling with the highs and lows of infertility and the agony of treatments like IVF. I am in the middle of my 2WW for my very first IVF cycle and I’m going out of my mind with worry and anticipation. I had a hatching blast transferred on day 5 and everything was looking good. But yesterday I crumbled (it was 3 dpt) and today 4dpt and I POAS. Two bfns. I’m devastated. Is there any hope for me? I thought hatching blasts would implant sooner so shouldn’t I see something by now? Even the slightest faintest sign? I feel so bad…

    1. APNY

      I also want to add my beta is Sat the 14th 7dpt. That also leads me to believe it would have implanted by now if I was going to. Otherwise why would the clinic test me so early?

      1. brit16

        This is still way too early to be getting discouraged!! With my son I had crazy high beta levels (nurses thought he was twins), and I got my first very faint positive at 5dp5dt. It was still faint enough that I doubted that I was even seeing it. The reason the lab can get accurate results 7dpt is because it is with blood, not urine. The blood test gives an actual number, the urine test only gives a positive if you have an hcg level above 25 or 50 (depending on what test you are using). So….. lets say your level was at a 20 on day 5 and you took a home pregnancy test, it would likely show up negative. But if you were to have a blood test done on the same day, the level would show 20, which is considered a positive. Hope this helps :).

    2. brit16

      Of course there is still hope for you!!! Don’t be getting discouraged this early. Day 3 and 4 would be the very first days that you would even be producing hcg, the levels for most people are too low to be picked up on the test. Even if it did implant early, it takes a few days for the hcg to build up high enough in your system to get a positive. I had VERY high HCG levels with my son and I got my first VERY faint positive at 5dpt. Good luck to you, hope your positive shows up soon :).

      1. Julie Teetzel

        Good luck!!!

  126. Cleo36

    I’m halfway through my first 2WW and stumbled upon this site. Thank you so much everyone, it’s so helpful to remember I am not alone. I am 8dt3dt and I’m going away for work on Monday so would really love to test Sunday so my husband can be here when I test. Is 11 days after transfer too early? The clinic has given my a HPT to do on Friday morning….

    Goodluck to everyone else on the 2WW!

  127. APNY

    Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. It means a lot. I was crying and so upset last night. We have been through so much to get to this point and it’s so heartbreaking to imagine this wasnt a success. I am 35 with high fsh and DOR. This was a natural cycle ivf so we only got one egg and all our hopes were banking on it. We also have one frozen blast from last month which was also another natural cycle. The doc was convinced I may be a poor responder to meds so we took the chance with natural cycles knowing the numbers are much smaller. Against all odds my two embryos have made it to day 5 with this one actually hatching on transfer day. Seems so cruel to get this far and hit a bfn wall. I have decided not to test anymore until the day of my beta (Saturday the 14th). I want to hold onto hope for a few more days…

    1. brit16

      Your welcome. There really is no need to be discouraged at this point. I am not just saying this to make you feel better, it is the truth. Hope to hear good news soon!

  128. Misty

    I am 3dp5dt fet #4. I am having slight subtle cramps and a bit of a backache. My beta is not until Friday 4/20. It is so hard to wait! Anyone else on this timeline?

    1. Rita

      I am on exactly that same timeline! I am 3dp5dt and our first beta is scheduled for 4/20, although I’m sure I’ll POAS much sooner. This is our first IVF and I’m super stressed out about the whole thing, like everyone else on this site. I have read all the posts, but haven’t posted myself. It seems that we’ve been trying forever! I’m so ready for a success, but I have to keep telling myself that it may not happen and trying not to get my hopes up.

      1. brit16

        Good luck to you! Thanks for replying on the site. It is great for others to hear from more women other than just myself :).

      2. Julie Teetzel

        I am day 11 today on a 3day transfer and my blood test is tomorrow!!! So nervous since I am 40 and this is our first try. Praying for all of you!

    2. APNY

      I’m currently so we have 2 days difference and have been feeling light cramps and discomfort as well. I’m on estrace and progesterone suppositories so I’m not sure if it’s a side effect of the meds or something more. I go for my beta on April 14th and this has been the longest week of my life! Good luck to you on your beta and I hope your 2ww flies by and that you aren’t torturing yourself like I am!!

      1. brit16

        Try not to read too much into the side effects they can be caused by a variety of things. It is the longest two weeks of your life….until you get the postive and then you have to wait two more weeks for the ultrasound!!!! :) Good luck to you!

  129. APNY

    Sorry. Meant I’m 5dp5dt.

  130. Alice75

    I transfer on March 20 then I have blood test on April 1, after went back home and prepared for lunch, received the phone call from the nurse I got pregnant. The good news in my life, good luck to all

    1. brit16

      Great news!! Hope you will come back and share more with us :).

  131. APNY

    Had my beta today and at 7dp5dt my level was 122! Is this a good number? I’m so numb right now. I go back in 2 days for my next one. It has been such a roller coaster of emotions this week, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!!

    1. Marie12

      That’s awesome congrats!!! I have my first beta tomorrow and I’m super nervous!!

      1. APNY

        I go back tomorrow for my second beta. You will be in my thoughts and prayers for a healthy number and BFP! Good luck to us both :)

        1. brit16

          How did your beta go??? Hope all is well.

        2. Marie12

          How were your numbers today?

    2. brit16

      This is a perfect number, congrats!!!!!

  132. Ram

    Hi Brit,

    Just got back from ultrasound. So happy to the little heartbeat at 120 bpm. This relieved me to some extent. Hcg went to 24000 and progestrone went little bit up to 62. All is well except for brown spotting once in a while which doctor says is old blood. Next ultrasound scheduled for 30th at 8 weeks 4 days

    1. brit16

      Great news!!! Glad to hear the ultrasound went well, try not to worry too much about the brown spotting. It is pretty common. I had it on and off with my son, and I had it once so far with this pregnancy. Hope you have a great pregnancy!!

      1. Ram

        Thanks Brit. You have been very helpful so far in answering my questions. I wish you all the best with your pregnancy as well

  133. Rita

    I’m now 7dp5dt and am happy to report that the HPT is POSITIVE!! I started taking the tests 4dp5dt and it was negative the first day. Then on 5dp5dt I saw a faint line, which my husband thought I was imagining, but I think there was already something there. Then yesterday there was a clear line and today it’s darker. I didn’t use the HCG trigger, so this should be real. I’m so excited, it’s tough to focus on anything else. Yesterday, we went to see my parents for my birthday and what a wonderful time to tell them the good news. I will feel better when I see the beta and make sure that it’s increasing properly, but for now so happy :) Good luck to everyone on this site! Reading your stories has been a great way to keep me sane during this time!!

  134. Marie12

    Got my first beta back, it was 363!!

    1. brit16

      That’s a great number!! Congratulations, hope you keep us updated.

      1. APNY

        Awesome Marie, so very happy for you!! Had my second beta today and it was 299! Can’t ask for anything better than that :)

        1. Marie12

          Yay!! Great numbers, how exciting! I go back for mine this Friday, dont know why so long. But lets enjoy the moment!

  135. Alice75

    Today visit doctor for ultrasound, one heart beat 110 I so happy, baby 6 weeks and one day.

    1. Ram

      Hi Alice,

      Looks like we are in same boat. I had transfer on March 20th as well and today heard the heartbeat at 6 weeks one day :-)


      1. Alice75

        Do you have morning sickness ? I dont have and still progesterone injection utill May 10.


        1. brit16

          At 6 weeks I was not having much symptoms to speak of. At this point I am really constipated and having morning (all day) sickness. I never really had it with my little boy. Maybe you will just be one of the lucky ones!

        2. Ram

          Hi Alice,

          I don’t have any morning sickness or symptoms so far. Only thing I observed was everyday after 3 PM or so, I feel so sleepy yawning all the time :-)
          It might be due to myself sleeping too much over weekends :-)
          As far as progestrone goes, my doctor has not given me any end date but asked to stop estrace on April 19th. Keep me posted on your updates as well. Thanks

    2. brit16

      Great news!!! So happy you were able to see the heartbeat :).

  136. Julie Teetzel

    Hello, this is Jules and I am on day 10 of a 3day transfer. I had 3 embryos transferred on Easter morning! So far, all my hpt’s have been negative. My blood test is April 19th so I have to wait 2 more days. I hope I get a positive the wait is killing me!

    1. brit16

      Good luck, I hope you get a positive soon!!! Wishing you the best :).

      1. Julie Teetzel

        Thank you!!! I will post my results tomorrow.

        1. brit16

          Hope it goes well for you today!

  137. Marie12

    My beta on the 16th was 363, then on the 20th it was 1419. Is that good??

    1. brit16

      That’s perfect – Congrats!!!

      1. Marie12

        My betas today were 8,729! I will be 6 weeks this Sunday, how soon can I see a heartbeat?

  138. flybabybyrd

    Hi, so happy I found this blog. Im supposed to be writing TWO grad school papers tonight but this is more fun…today I’m 6dp5dt. First time IVF, male factor cause, Im 32 no history of preg. or miscarriage. But not sure any of that matters bc it is all a crap shoot 😉 Had a negative test three days ago (that was just for fun/stress) a faint positive yesterday and low and behold a pretty obvious positive today from First Response test that gives results 6 days before missed period (I am 5 days bf missed period tho actually) Husband sis he happy dance…BUT… I had an HCG shot in the bum within 30 minutes after my transfer 6 days ago by the nurse. Is my positive for real?? Please help. Blood test in two days on Monday 4/23. cant wait-figures 😉 Thanks so much to everyone reading!

    1. brit16

      Thanks for the kind words about the blog! Since you had a hcg shot I would say that the positive was not reliable, BUT if you had a negative and then a positive that is a very good sign!!! Typically it can take 5 – 10 days to get out of your system. Was the negative with the same type of test as the positive????? Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you. Hope it is a real positive!!!! :)

  139. Ram

    Hi Brit,

    I went to my doctor for regular checkup today to see if cervix is closed and also got my blood levels tested. My ultrasound is due next Monday. What I am more concerned about is my beta on 4/14 was 24896 which was exactly doubling every 54 hrs. But today my beta is 66000 after almost 9 days. So it did not increase as much as it is required to. I thought it should be over 100k if it doubles every 3 days. I am afraid but my doctor said those are excellents numbers. Still I sense something wrong. Do you know of anyone who had similar beta levels increasingly slowly like this. I am 7 weeks 4 days pregnant

    1. brit16

      Your numbers are great. Most RE’s do not continue betas at this point because they are not that predictable once they get past a certain number. At that point the ultrasounds are MUCH more accurate!!! As long as your ultrasound looks good and your baby is growing appropriately there is no reason to even know the beta levels. Good luck to you!!!

  140. Rachael

    Hi Brit, Just wanted to let you know that we lost our little mircale again. I started bleeding on the 14/04/12 and bleed for a few hours and then it stopped, i didn’t even have to change my pad.

    I went in for blood tests on the Tuesday and my levels had already dropped heaps :( We couldn’t believe it as we had only had our pregnancy confirmed on the Thursday and my levels were really high as well and then 3 days later nothing.

    I have now had 2 IVF treaments one fresh and one frozen both BFP but both ending in miscarriages :( do you know if this means anything?? We are thinking something else may be wrong with me or that I may not be able to carry or is something like this normal when doing IVF?

    Hope your pregnancy is going well :)

    1. brit16

      Soooo sorry to hear that you are having to go through this again. :( I can totally relate to what you are going through. We went through three miscarriages before finally going on to have our little boy. The bad thing is that it is actually pretty common throughout the IVF world to have early miscarriages.

      There are lots of reasons and they typically don’t think anything is “wrong with you” until you have had at least 3 miscarriages. There are some test that you could request to have done, they are usually looking for cotting disorders. I was never actually diagnosed with anything (never even tested actually), but my RE decided to try lovenox (blood thinner used for treating clotting disorders) after the third miscarriage. Not sure if it did the trick or not, but the next pregnancy (on the lovenox) was a success. Now for this pregnancy we are on it again and so far things are going well. I am not saying you need to do anything like this, but it is nice to have questions to ask your doctor.

      Have you already had a chance to get their opinion as to what has happened? Was your progesterone being tested through out??? Low progesterone can be another cause for early miscarriage. Most early miscarriages are caused by chromosomal issues, so if money is not a big issue you could look into using PGD. This is a test that allows you to make sure the embryos are chromosomally normal before they are transferred.

      So sorry for you again, just know that you can go on to have a healthy baby even after multiple miscarriages (we did :)). Good luck to you in the future, do you have any more frozen embryos left? Here is a post I wrote about IVF and miscarriage, if it helps.

  141. Alice75


    I get home from ultrasound, baby 7w2d heart 150. Baby grown double from week 6. Hope to hear many good new from all of you.

    I searching and found the website, you can see the baby grown every week. Hope its help http://www.parents.com/pregnancy/week-by-week/

    1. brit16

      Great news, hope you will continue to keep us updated! Thanks for sharing the link.

  142. Theresa

    I had a day 3 and day 5 embryo transfer on Friday 4/20. I POAS 4 days past transfer and got a bfn. Since they transfered 2 different stage embies when is the best day to retest?

    1. brit16

      So you had a day 3 embryo and a day 5 embryo transferred on the same day???? Wow, I have never heard of anything like that before. It is best if you wait til about day 10, but I know that is a long time to wait. Just know if you test early, not to be dissapointed if they show negative….it may not be accurate. Good luck to you!

      1. Theresa

        Those were my last 2 embryos(FET), so my RE decided to transfer both of them.

  143. DELTA

    Hi Brit

    I had a day 3 embryo transfer on fri 20th and did a preg test today is it too early to tell if i’m pregnant. i am due for blood test on wed 2nd of may.


    1. brit16

      You are only 6 days post a 3 day transfer, yes it is still too early!! I had really high beta levels with my son (they thought it would be twins for sure), and my first positive was 5dp5dt and it was very faint. (That would be the same as 7dp3dt.) I imagine that if my levels were more average it would have been a couple more days before seeing a positive. Try to wait a few more days and try again, even then it may still be too early. Good luck to you!!!!

      1. DELTA

        Hi Brit

        I started bleeding yesterday it was day 12 and today (day 13) it has got heavier. Clinic has told me to continue on meds I am due up on wednesday for blood test. Is it all over for me!


        1. brit16

          I am so sorry to hear that you are bleeding. Wish I had a positive experience for you, but I never started bleeding before getting my results, not even when it was negative. Hope you have a miracle Wednesday!!!

  144. Maria

    Hi I had a 5 day blast Monday shot was last Monday I couldn’t help myself did a cheap test today and it’s negative I feel like I’m coming on. Well gutted:-(

  145. Tini

    Hello everyone.
    I am 35 now. I had one baby boy at 21.5 weeks god took him away after two years of trying pregnancy.

    After that two years again to get naturally pregnant and then gp advised for IVF. I had my first fresh cycle with one embryo transfer after three days.

    I am on 7th day post transfer today. And has my first ultra sound and blood test today morning. Nurse said ultrasound nice and thick. Blood test don’t know the result yet.

    After reached to home I did home preg. Test it says ” not pregnant “. Plus don’t have any symptoms. Clock is driving me crazy.

    Can anyone tell me what nurse meant is nice and thick? My god waiting period kills me.

    Thank u. Good luck me. I hope everything turn out happy for god sake..

    1. brit16

      I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your little one. I can’t imagine having made it that far, just to lose him. It is still early for a positive test, did you have a 3 or 5 day transfer? You had an ultrasound after your transfer? Saying your lining is thick means it’s optimal for implantation, so it’s a good thing :). Good luck, hope this is your time!!

  146. Tini

    Thank for replying so soon. God bless you.

    I had 3 day transfer and they freez one for the future.

    Having all negative thoughts but can’t control over it. Because don’t feel anything unlikely from my last preg.

    Thank you so much. There someone with at least to whom I can ask or share feelings.

    1. brit16

      Your welcome. I love being able to help others through their cycles. It can be so stressful and I know how much it means to get advice / opinions etc about what is going on during your cycle. Since you had a 3 day transfer, you really have to wait even longer to expect to see a positive. Try not to worry about the lack of symptoms. Each pregnancy is different and a lot of women who think they are experiencing symptoms this early really just have side effects from the drugs :). It is very common to feel nothing this early on. The HCG would just be getting into your system at this point. The rising HCG causes most of the early symptoms. Hope to hear good news soon!

  147. Tini

    Thank you. Good luck with your preg.

    I had blood test today and nurse said it is fine but she didn’t say any number.

    Have to go another blood test on next friday which is May 4th.

    Hoping for the best but nervous and stressed out.

    1. Tini

      I just got spotting with fresh blood. Like a clot. And started cramping.

      I hope this not period. Does anyone have that experience like this on 7dt at 3dpt.

      I had my blood work and ultra sound today and nurse said it is good, then why I have spotting?

      Please ………so stressed . Can not handle the situation if it is period. And if it is period than why it is too early?

      1. brit16

        Sorry to just now be getting back to you. We had a busy weekend. I had some spotting around this same time that I think was implantation bleeding. Did it stay light or get heavier?? When you say you had your bloodwork….what were they testing? Just the progesterone and estrogen, or did they already do a HCG (pregnancy) test????? Hope to hear a good update soon!

  148. Karen

    Hello everyone, after 10 agonizing years of hopelessness, i finall received a positive hpt at 8 days past FET of a 5 day blast. My beta is on monday and just hoping for high numbers.

    1. brit16

      Congrats that is great news!!! Looking forward to hearing your beta numbers today, hope they are nice and high :).

  149. Taylor

    I stumbled across this site while trying to keep my mind occupied during my 2ww. This is awesome for those of us going through this! I know at times I feel so alone in my journey. Of course I have my husband to talk to, but I don’t think that he can fully understand! I had 2 frozen embroys transferred on 4/20 so I am 8 days past my transfer and am very anxious! I took a hpt today and it was negative! This is my 6th round of IVF, out of this I had 3 chemical pregnancies that ended in miscarriage at 5wks4days. I am really praying that this test is positive and I’m able to carry a baby to term! I go for my beta on May 4th!

    1. brit16

      I totally understand feeling alone….unless someone is going through the same things, they really just don’t understand. I am so sorry to hear about your chemicals. We went through 2 chemicals and one miscarriage at 8 weeks before going on to have our little guy. Praying this is the cycle for you!!!

  150. Tini

    Hi Brit,

    I understand but was so worried so I posted.
    Friday 27 th they checked progesterone and uterus lining. It was good but then evening 8 pm had toonie size blood clot red and after then nothing.

    So I am hoping for the good for me. Little panic and worried I hope it was good sign. But I will keep praying but my nurse didn’t give me straight ans on that

    They will do preg test at lab on 5 th may.

  151. Jessica

    Hi, I have been following your website for awhile but this is my first posting. I am 39 with four great kids from a previous marriage (which I had no problems conceiving). I am newly married and my husband and I decided to reversal my tubal ligation and try to give him the baby he so much deserves. I have had every test to show my tubes are clear and even had a chemical pregnancy last august. I had six failed iui’s and one ivf cycle that never made it to transfer. I just had my 2nd ivf cycle transfer on april 20th. They transferred two eggs on day two. (i don’t really understand the whole abbreviations of things). I am scheduled on may 2nd to get my blood test. I am driving myself crazy peeing on sticks that are all coming out negative. I have sore boobs, vaginal secretions, tiredness and headaches but they can all be explained away by the progesterone & estrogen. I am losing it, could I still be pregnant. I have to say this process has made me appreciate my wonderful kids even more. Who knew that in my thirties my eggs would be dust. I just can’t image that god would lead us down the wrong path!

    1. brit16

      Sorry that you are having to go through all this. So you are 11 days post a 2 day transfer?? If so, then yes you could still end up with a positive. Has your doctor given you the impression that your egg quality is bad? Or are you just making that assumption? Hope this is the cycle for you, good luck with your test tomorrow!!

      1. Jessica

        So my number was 6.5. Not very good but at least I wasn’t losing my mind when I saw a slight line on two home tests. I have to go back friday but they aren’t expecting it to progress. The nurse told me that she thinks I have low egg reserve. So I am going to take a couple months off, my acupuncturist says that she can prescribe some herbs as well as the acupuncture to help with the low egg reserves. Either way I need a break. My husband and I are going to take a mini vacation in June and regroup. Thanks for this website!

        1. brit16

          Your welcome….I am so sorry to hear about your outcome. Taking a vacation is probably a great idea! Getting to spend some quality time with your hubby and moving past the dissapointment. It is so hard to keep moving forward sometimes, but it is so worth it in the end. Don’t give up!

        2. Jenn

          I don’t know if this will help or be too late when you read this, but my dr put me on DHEA micronized 25 mg 3 times a day for 6 weeks prior to IVF cycle. I had the same problem with the eggs and I’m now 31 years old. I had 4 eggs, 3 fertilized, and I transferred 2. Hope this helps!!!

  152. j_sholar@hotmail.com

    I just ran across your site while trying to find information about when neg. test and I am soo worry now it didnt work. I am 13dp3dt and the home test was neg. :( I just want to cry, it been so long to get to do a cycle of IVF, we have saved and saved over the last five years and I just do not know how we can do another cycle. I go tomorrow for my blood test but I just have lost hope. We have ten eggs but becasue they decided not to to ISCSI only one made it. Is there really any hope left at this point

    1. brit16

      Sorry to hear about your negative test. There is still a chance that your blood test could come back positive today. Good luck to you, hope you will come back and share your results with us. I totally understand the finance issue, we had to take out loans to continue our journey. It was worth it in the end!!

  153. Karen

    My first beta was 292 and my second was 641!!! The nurse said those numbers were perfect, and now i am just anxiously awaiting my first ultrasound on May 16.

    1. brit16

      Great news!!! So happy to get some positive feedback, we have not had much lately…hope you will start a positive trend. Good luck to you!

  154. jEANINE

    HI there
    my first fresh cycle with IVF was negative, so we did a frozen cycle – i am 12 days now and still gettting negative ! Tomorrow if my blood test, so trying to stay poisitive, but its so hard to not get discouraged! I am fortunate to have 2 children already, who i conceived naturally – It just makes me wonder, WHY when i know i am fertile and my husband sperm is good, WHAY it would not work! I think my Dr was just as shocked to be honest – im still praying!!!!
    My husband had cancer two years ago, so it would be so nice to have something positive come along, even though he is healthy now and we do have our 2 beautiful children, so i do have a lot to be so THANKFUL FOR

    1. jEANINE

      wow, sorry for all the typos LOL

    2. brit16

      I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. It is so hard to not know “why”… we know why we don’t get pregnant on our own, but we don’t know why we suffered through 3 miscarriages and then went on to have our little boy. How long ago did you have your first two kids?? Sometimes our bodies can change with time…I know my body got all “out of whack” after having my son.

      Good luck with your blood test tomorrow!! Hope this is the time for you.

      1. jEANINE

        yes its true, i guess we all wonder why things happen and i do feel fortunate to have 2 children already, and my last one was 5 yrs ago, so that could be a factor too

        My heart goes out to all who are trying to have even their first, bc now i see how financially, emotionally and physically draining the process can be !!!!

        I will let u know how it goes tomorrow , thanks again !

  155. Lupe

    Hi everyone,
    I can’t believe how many people share this horrible long road with me. I been trying to have a baby for six years now! I’ve gone through five IUI’s and just completed my third cycle of IVF. I am 4dp 5dt we inplanted two grade A embroys. I’ll be going into my doctors to get my blood test done May 14th. I am so scared and anxious! I’m praying that we’re finaly going to get a positive result. I feel like this is my last chance because we cannot afford to do IVF again. I’m trying to stay positive, but sometimes I drive myself crazy thinking, what am I going to do if it doesn’t work? I’m so tempted to run to the local store and buy a home pregnancy test but I’m scared that I would get a negative result. I woke up today with slite cramping! Is this bad?

    1. brit16

      Thanks for commenting Lupe…sorry you are going through this like so many other ladies. We went through 4 IVF and 2 FET before having our little miracle boy…here is My IVF Success Story if you would like to read it. It is so hard not to give up at times, but it can work even after multiple failures. The cramping is nothing to worry about, it is common. Hope you will come back and share good news soon!

  156. Alice75

    Last ultrasound I saw baby moving, very excited. 10w

    1. brit16

      That is great news!! I saw mine moving around at that same check up….it really made it feel a lot more real to me. Keep us posted :).

  157. Ram


    I had my ultrasound as well at 10 weeks, 4 days. Saw the baby moving arms and legs, baby measuring 34 mm and heart rate 165 bpm. I was so happy to see the little one moving. I have my first screen test for neck measurement in 2 weeks. Need to check with my insurance abt the coverage as I heard it is expensive. My doc will be referring to OBGYN after that

    1. Alice75

      its very good numbers, I’m very happy to get news from you. I had the doctor OGBYN for last ultralsound. My next check will be round 14 weeks.

    2. brit16

      Congrats Ram!!! That is great news….we had the NT scan done with our little boy and it was an extra $300 and something dollars. So we decided not to do it this time around. The only bad thing is that means I have to wait all the way until about 20 weeks to have another ultrasound!!! Seems like forever away. Good luck to you, hope all goes perfectly!

  158. Karen

    I just got back from my very first ultrasound. I am 6w3d and we have one perfect bean with a perfect heartbeat of 117bpm.

    This is all after i had a horrible experience on mother’s day. I was bleeding like a period with cramps and clots. I thought for sure i lost the baby, but nope, all is well. They think the bleeding is cervical and maybe due to the endometrin inserts i use. They also said that bleeding is very common with ivf. So for any women out there who experience bleeding… I know it’s scary, but know that it doesn’t always mean your pregnancy is over. I’m due january 7th

    1. brit16

      Thanks for sharing your story about the bleeding. I had some bleeding with my son as well, it turned out to be a subchorionic hemhorrage. I have heard a lot of women say that the inserts cause bleeding.

      Congrats on your ultrasound!!! It is nice nice to get the re-assurance of a good ultrasound. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, keep us posted!

  159. Fay


    My wife is 9days post transfer and we got up at 4am for the morning wee and the pregnancy test was negative. We are both devastated! Does this mean he is not pregnant? Or is it too early to test?

    We are both new to all this so would love any advice.

    Many thanks

    Fay and nat x

    1. brit16

      Sorry that you got a negative test….it is so hard to see those negatives. But you have to realize that you are not out of the game yet….many people get a positive by now but some don’t. It also depends on what type of test you were using, some are more sensitive than others. One more question, did you have a day 3 or day 5 transfer? I hope you get a positive soon!!!!!

  160. Lanvin


    I’m 11 dpt and have no symptoms yet.. I had an FET done on 8th May with 3 grade 1 embryos transferred.. Didnt have any implantation symptoms too. Did an hpt 8dpt which came back negative.. Have the beta test on 21st May.. Feeling nervous and disheartened..

    1. brit16

      Please don’t worry about symptoms. Most women do NOT have symptoms this early in the game. The ones that do are likely just having side effects from the progesterone that most of us are on. 8 dpt is still pretty early to test, have you tested again since then??? Hope you get a positive on the 21st!!! Good luck to you.

  161. Kerry

    Hi all, I haven’t posted for a while but have some very good news, we did a fresh cycle of IVF & had 2 embryos put back, I had the attitude that it didn’t work again but it Di’s, I live in australia & your blood test should be 100 or more to be a positive & mine was 721, we were & still am in shock, we get our first scan in a little over a week, can’t wait too see how many bubbas we have & to see if everything is OK, we did IVF 6 times all up & I was going to give up & try at the end of the year & then that was going to be it, so all u ladies that have tried so many times, don’t give up, it will happen, I will give u an update once we get the scan :)

    1. brit16

      Congratulations, that is wonderful news. Sounds like great betas. Will be looking forward to hearing back from you after your first scan!! If you are interested in sharing your story with my viewers I would love to have it :). If so just email me at brit16@suddenlink.net

      So happy for you!!!

  162. Poppet

    Hi Everyone! Stumbled upon this site and I myself am now on the 3rd day of my 2ww after a 3dt on 18/06/12 and wanted to say congrats to all of those with positive results, don’t give up hope to those who have done a hpt early and received negatives…am sharing the anxiety each of you has had before me or is also going through. Am itching to find out but so far resisting any temptations to buy hpt trying to wait until 29th!!
    Good luck to everyone and thanks for having posted as I don’t feel so alone in my feelings :)

  163. andrea

    Hi everyone, I’m new… I had my 5day blastocyst transfer on Sunday (fathers day :) ) and I’m losing my mind with this 2WW thing!!! I really wanna buy a prego test today, but I know its too early. Today’s my anniversary and it would make the day so much better with good news (worse with bad thought) about three days after my transfer I felt horrible cramps, my back was on fire…even my thighs burned. I thought my period was coming for sure, then nothing…anyone else feel this?? I wish I just knew already!!! I must think about it every hour.. I had an eptopic pregnancy back in February and I was half way through decorating the baby’s room when it happened… I wanna finish!! lol… also this might be TMI but does anyone know anything about sex after IVF… how long do we wait?? I don’t want to be octomom so..Thanks for the info…. Prego baby dust for everyone :)

  164. Kat M

    Hi! I am 3dpt, as a surrogate. We transferred 1 embryo at day 5! With my first surrogate twins I tested 4dpt and got a very faint positive and retested the next day and got another positive (the line darkened)! I’m really excited to test tomorrow even though I know I should wait until at least 5dpt!

  165. Jada


    Thank you so much for this forum! Ive read so many stories like mine and it is giving me hope. I tried so hard not to take a HPT but you know what they say about curiosity! I am day 6 after 5day transfer of 2 embryos; one 4AA and the other 3AB. Took a HPT this morning and it was negative. Im so upset about this because I have a true phobia of needles & i have a mini panic attack every night before my cousin (who is a nurse) gives me my injection. Im praying it is too early to tell and the test was a false negative. I go for my blood test on friday. Please tell me this stupid HPT can be wrong!!!

  166. We are Pregnant of Melbourne.

    I concur with the keep trying….

    Several Years ago we we to IVF (In India) we did 10 (YES, 10) cycles in one place, nothing eventuated. We then left it a few years pondering the next step (Do we continue, or give up ?), and went to another clinic.., 3 Sperm Specimens given, first (March 2012) failed, we again sat down and pondered what to do, Left the clinic an email saying “Any suggestions on what to do for a Positive ?”, and went for a second cycle (VERY LAST we said, VERY LAST !!!!!!!), 3 day Blasts transferred, 11 days later gave a Bhcg of 512 !!!!!!! (OMG ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS ???), 2 days later, Bhcg is 1136 (Yup, they are serious).

    We are sitting here stunned like anything (And a bit of crying).

    DONT GIVE UP on your dreams.

    1. brit16

      That is great news!!! Sorry to just be getting back to you….we have been out of town on vacation and I have been away from the computer. Wow….I thought we went through a lot of cycles!!! Thanks for sharing your story, and I hope everything is going great for you. If you would like to share your story as a post on my blog ( I would love to have it :)), email me at brit16@suddenlink.net and I would be glad to post it. If you go to the “share my story” tab there are some questions I typically have people answer. Thanks!

  167. Elyse

    I have been reading tis blog over the past few days. We have one 5 year old son who we adopted. We were in the process of a second adoption and had a problem so we decided to go back to fertility (weird I know). We hadn’t originally tried that hard. Anyway, we started a few months ago and due to our circumstances had to go straight to IVF. We had a setback with that as well. Currently, I am 6 days past my frozen transfer which were 5 day blastocysts. They had very good grades and 2 were implanted. I have NEVER been pregnant before and don’t know what to expect. I am way to scared to test, however I have been having slight cramping, and 2 days ago I was cooking chicken and immediately vomited from the smell. I have been vomiting a few times a day since and can’t even look at any kind of chicken anymore. Also, my breasts are so sore that if they touch anything I want to jump out of my skin. Do you have any advice for me? My beta is on Monday. So nervous and anxious. Thanks for your help in advance!

    1. brit16

      Sorry to have taken sooo long to get back to you. We were out of town for nearly two weeks and have just been trying to get caught up since. I think you have already had your beta at this point. Would love to hear an update. It is so hard not to read into the symptoms but they are very hard to understand. The meds we are all on make us have “pregnancy like symptoms”….so it is hard not to read into them.

      Sorry again for not getting back to you earlier. Hope all is going well.

  168. Kim

    Hi Everyone. I have been reading everyone’s stories and they are all very moving. I am 8dp5d blastocyst fet. Yesterday I took a HPT and got a faint positive. I was so happy. I have never had an hcg shot. This morning I took another one and it’s negative! I just don’t understand why? My blood test is in 3 days. Does anyone have any similar situation? I am too scared to test again!!

  169. laparoscopy infertility

    We’ve been trying to conceive over 2 years now and have also contacted specialists for this objective. I appreciate you for this and I will undoubtedly be following your website keenly.

  170. Tina

    l am 39 l have had 3 unsucessful ivf. last months l had another one
    and am still waiting for result.whenever l do ivf after three days of embryo tranferl experince itching all over my body l don,t understand. can someonetell the course or advise me.plese l need ur help.

  171. Sweedie

    hello everyone!

    This is our 3rd IVF cycle. The first one in March 2010 , failed. Second fresh cycle in July 2010 and it was a success. Now on July 14th we did an FET, i feel slight pressure on my ovaries right now. We transferred 3 day 5 blasts. . Really hope it works, don’t wanna keep going thru this drama. It doesn’t help that my hubby is so worried about having a second chid, we’re not even pregnant yet. When should i take hpt? My beta is july 27th.

    Any input is appreciated.
    Babydust to you all!

    1. Michelle

      Mine is on the 26th and I have taken one every day still hoping for that light positive line :(

  172. Alice75

    I had ultrasound today 19w 5d, I have a baby girl. Good luck for everyone

    1. Ram

      Hi Alice,

      I hope you remember me. We share same transfer date. BTW, I had my 20W6 day ultrasound and found out that it’s a girl!!!
      Please do keep me posted of any new updates. I have the next ultrasound and glucose tolerance test around 25th week. Next ultrasound will be 3D for us. Looking forward to it


      1. Alice75

        Hi Ram,

        Happy to hear from you, do you feel baby move yet, I don’t feel anything yet. I will have appointment with my OB tomorrow for check up. I searched in internet someone they feel baby move until 24 or 26 weeks.

        Hope everything good.


        1. Ram

          Hi Alice,

          Yes, I felt the baby moving two days after my 20th week. Now, I feel it regularly


          1. brit16

            Hey Ram! How is it going??? Hope all is well :).

  173. Michelle

    Hello everyone,
    I am 27 and on my 3rd cycle. I have one naturally conceived child boy who is 3.5 years old. I am doing ivf due to a genetic issue. I have 2 previously failed cycles. With this generic disorder I yield very few balanced embryos. Cycle #1 I had 12 eggs retrieved and one was normal and failed second cycle I had 12 and one was balanced and that one failed as well. I am on my 3rd cycle and I have 8 eggs and only 5 made it and some how I had 2 balanced embryos transferred on July 17. It was a 5 day transfer. Every day since the transfer I has taken a hpt and it is negative! Some people say its to early but this is reminding me of my previous 2 cycles. I wake up every morning at 5 am to test and then repeat the test at night. I see no faint lines. I Ordered the early hcg test that detected up to 10. It’s coming Monday. I am going out of my mind. Anyone with me?

  174. how to get pregnant quick

    Very helpful post. I also own a conception related blog site and I wholly go
    along with everything that you have given here.
    Sometimes simple causes have powerful influences on becoming pregnant.

  175. Aaliyah

    hi everyone, im 7dp5dt they transferred 1 expanded blastocyst and iv had no implant bleeding and no symptoms. no cramping apart from mild cramping day or two after transfer.
    did hpt today was negative. was it too early to test?

  176. Astoria

    Hi everyone, so happy to have found this wonderful blog site. I’m 32yo on my 1st IVF cycle. I was diagnosed with PCOS in my early 20’s. My husband & I have been married for 5 years now & been trying to conceive about 3 years with no luck. I had a D & C done on 2/23/12 but the polyps grew back within 3 weeks. I had a another D & C done on 6/7/12 and decided to start my IVF ASAP before my polyps grow back again. I had 3dt of 2 healthy embryos. Just thinking about the 2ww is killing me. I know its still early only 5dpt but i got a hpt today & the result was negative. Im sadden by the result but i know there’s still hope. I want to take another hpt tomr…but I know I should just suck it up and wait for couple of more days… Its such torture! I’ll be seeing my dr on 7/31/12 to get my bloodwork done. Just want to share my story. Whats the earliest day I should do a hpt on a 3dt to get the best result?

    1. brit16

      Hey, thanks for the kind words about the site. 5dp3dt is way too early to be discouraged about. Women that get positives 5dpt typically had a 5dt instead of a 3dt. Even with the 5dt this is still really early. Good luck to you”!! Hope your test goes great.

  177. Tonya

    Hi everyone! I just happened to find this web site surfing the internet looking for answers. I think its great how everyone can come on here and post there feelings…. my husband and i are going to go to talk to the fertility doctor on the 16th super excited and very nervous about everything. i look forward to coming back and reading how everyone’s doing.. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!

  178. jawan odell

    this is my second ivf transferded 3 embryos did a blood test the 12 day after transfer it was negetive is there still hope for me ?

    1. brit16

      I just wanted to apologize for not responding, I have been away from my computer. I hope you had a positive result!!

  179. Lou

    I have woke this morning feeling like I needed to be lifted a little after ma 6 icsi transfer. It’s amazing to hear that I’m not alone and sadly so many of you feel the same. I am 32 but feel lucky that I started the process when I was 24 it’s been a long up hill battle. I have never had a positive result so don’t know what to expect but like you all I’m doing the 2 ww. On day 4 now to be precise. I have took the attitude that what will be will be and worrying will not help so just take one day at a time. It really lifts to hear of positive stories that show you it can work so we’ re not giving up hope. It really does consume your life all of this but I always tell myself I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy the feelings you have to go through. Will try and write back with result hope everyone is doing well and has bouncing healthy babies soon that’s patiently waiting x

    1. brit16

      Sorry to hear all that you have been going through…. I understand! We did have positive results along the way, but they ended in miscarriages. We had success on our 6th attempt with our first miracle boy (after 3 miscarriages and 2 negatives). Now we are pregnant with number two on our first attempt….so you just never know when or why things will happen. I know it has been a while since you posted, I have been away from the computer. I hope things are going well for you!!!

  180. Ram

    Hi Brit,

    I am doing well. I am in my 28th week expecting girl and passed the glucose test. Btw, when are u due? Did u find out whom u are having?


    1. brit16

      I am due November 16th, with another little boy! Glad to hear you are doing well. When is your due date??

      1. Ram

        Great! I am due on dec 6th

  181. Rachel

    I’ve been reading everyone’s posts and they are very helpful while trying to wait. I am 8dp5dt. This is my 2nd round of IVF, first with donor eggs and am 32 years old.
    However, my clinic (in the UK) has only told me to do a HPT at 14 days post transfer and no mention of blood test. Is this common? Or a main difference between US and UK? Or perhaps because of donor? Any advice? Many thanks!

    1. brit16

      Not sure of the differences, but I have heard others say their clinics only do urine test. So, it is not completely unusual. Good luck to you!!!

  182. Itedja

    Hai everyone. This is my 1st ivf. Got 1 5days blastocyst transferred On September 11th. Now on my 2ww. Really frustating. Gonna have beta check On 21 September. I did hpt yesterday and it was a negative… Good luck for all of u and thanks Brit for The site :)

    1. Itedja

      I did hpt today And ITS positifnya. Woohooo. Should i be Happy?

      1. brit16

        Of course!! Congrats….have you taken anymore? I never could resist taking a few :).

    2. brit16

      Your welcome, sorry to just now be getting back to you. Hope your beta went well today.

  183. Isabel

    hello everyone, thank you for this blog, I had 2, 5 days blastocyst transferred on 09/16. this is my first ivf cycle, I’m during the waiting period, is very difficult to wait, I was very happy and hopeful until the embryologist called me and said the remaing (12) blastocyst had stopped developing, and they were not able to freeze them. I got so scared thinking what if the embryon they transferred me had follow the same path, I haven t taken any home pregancy test, I have the appointment for the Preg test on tuesday they 25. may thanks for sharing your ivf journy.

    1. brit16

      Sorry to hear you are going through this. The most important thing to remember is that they pick the best to transfer….so what happens with the rest is not always an indication of what is to be with the ones transferred. We had two pregnancies result from batches of embryos where the other 3 or 4 did not make it to freezing. They ended in miscarriage, but it still shows you that embryos from the same batch can yield different results. Hope this helps. Good luck to you!

    2. LaikenE

      Isabel I had my 5 day transfer on the 20th and my other 4 embryos stopped developing also and i had nothing to freeze. one thing to keep in mind is that embryos do better inside the mom as that is the natural process. Don’t get discouraged because I strongly feel once they return home inside us is when they do their best. Stay strong!

  184. Sheryl

    Hi ladies, I am feeling everyone’s pain. This is my second trial with IVF, the first one failed, I was so devastated, this was in March of 2012, I gave it some time and decidedto try again in September which was looking more mositive, two embryos were transfered and waiting to do my blood test on 9/26, I too have done several home test but came out negative, after reading reading some articles I realized that i have to wait in order to get a positive result. But stay positive ladies God is real.

    1. Kelly

      Hi there! I also go on 9/26 for my blood test and the wait is just killing me!!!! This is my first round of IVF and I hope it is a success. I wish you the best of luck! Have you done acupuncture at all? I have been doing it since 3 weeks before egg retrieval and it makes you feel fantastic, I really believe it is going to help me get that positive!!!

  185. LaikenE

    This is my first blog entry and have been through 6 IUI cycles and my second IVF cycle. My first IVF ended in a 5w miscarriage. We had a 5day transfer with 3 almost blasto stage embryos. I go for my first beta in 7 days and the waiting is terrible.

    1. brit16

      Thanks for taking the time to post here, and sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Good luck with your beta….hope to be hearing good news soon!

      1. LaikenE

        We had our first beta on Sunday the 30th and it was 156 our second beta was 473 and I have my next one today after work. Theses are good numbers right?

        1. brit16

          COngrats!!!! Your numbers look perfect! Keep us posted on your pregnancy.

          1. LaikenE

            Thanks Brit. I got my 3 rd beta and it was 1189. Dr said they would do an ultrasound in 2 weeks. That’s a long time to wait cause we have never made it after that point. We have yet to hear a heartbeat and praying this time we will hear a hearbeat. This time hopefully this one will make it.

          2. brit16

            Your betas sound great! You say that you never heard heartbeats before….on your previous pregnancies did you have betas that were good? I am only asking because two out of our three miscarriages started with pretty low / not doubling betas. Which was an early indication that something was going wrong.

            Will be praying that this is the time for you!!! Keep us updated and try to stay busy the next two weeks :).

          3. LaikenE

            They only did the beta on the last one and it was low to begin with. First was 30 second was 70 and I don’t recall the third but since they were low and my progesterone was low it indicated it was not off to a good start.

          4. brit16

            Hope everything is going great for you. Have you had another beta since??

  186. Kelly

    HI! This is my first time ever posting to a blog. It is reassuring to hear everybody’s stories. I have been doing fertility treatments for two years now and it finally came down to IVF. Day of retrieval we had 14 eggs, 12 mature, and all 12 fertilized. We decided to do genetic testing which the outcome was amazing. We had a total of 4 good embies. Transfer was on day 5. I go for beta on Wed and can barely stand it. I’ve also been doing acupuncture which I have really enjoyed. I did take an hpt on 8dpt and 10dpt and both show a faint line. I’m thrilled because I’ve never had a + test before. Is it okay if there is only a faint line? what does a faint line mean? I was hoping the line to be darker today but it wasn’t.

    1. brit16

      Thanks for taking the time to post!! A line is a line!!!! Don’t worry too much about the darkness, eventually it should start to get a little darker if you are using the same brand first thing in the morning each time. Good luck to you, hope to hear good news soon!

      1. Kelly

        Well, they just called me with my results and I am pregnant, however, the beta numbers are 5.8 which they are afraid may be a chemical pregnancy. I have a repeat beta on Monday. :(

        1. brit16

          Sorry to hear the low beta number, how many days post transfer are you?? Hope to see high betas on Monday!